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Tenn. will launch Cash 3 within 60 days

Jan 27, 2004, 5:59 am

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Tennessee Lottery

Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation CEO Rebecca Paul announced Monday the first online game called Cash 3 would be up and running within 60 days.

Playing Cash 3, gamblers pick three numbers and if they match the numbers drawn can win up to $500.

Cash 3 drawings will be televised daily. Paul said three ball machines would be used to find the winning combination. Each machine holds 10 balls numbered from 0-9 and someone will draw the final three numbers.

The lottery corporation sent out requests for proposals Monday for the host TV station, which will be located in Nashville. The broadcasting rights will be sold to the winning station depending on several criteria: a combination of ratings, technical capability of the station, security issues, and promotional offerings, meaning how well the station will promote the drawings, Paul said. Stations in local markets will receive their requests for proposal by the end of the week.

Jackpot style games will start in late spring/early summer, Paul said.

Looking back at a successful first week, Paul said it was important to get the instant games up and running because they make up about 50 percent of the scholarship funds raised. Four new instant games will be introduced next week.

Currently more than 3,660 retailers have lottery equipment installed.

Official data will be released today, but Paul said as of 10 a.m. Monday more than $35 million in sales were reported. Sunday night, Chattanoogas district office reported more than $6.3 million in sales, Knoxvilles $6.2 million, Memphis $9 million and the Tri-Cities $3.1 million.

Nashville was the leading district with $12.5 million.

In the six days the Tennessee lottery has been available, several people have collected major money. There were 113 $1,000 winners, three $5,000 winners, 12 $7,000 winners, and as of Monday morning one $25,000 winner in Memphis.

Paul said at Mondays board meeting that 60 percent of all lottery procedures have been planned and board members decided to reduce their weekly meeting to bi-monthly meetings.

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