Ohio Lottery Loser Faces Police Charge

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Whoop dee doo. One would have to be crazy not to try and steal a 165 Million dollars if all you were going to be charged with was a misdemeanor.


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   There are thousands of people everyday that get thrown in prison for much less serious crimes than her! She attempted to steal millions of dollars...the cops should charge her with a more serious offense....she should at least go to prison for 6 months!   She said that she intended to give some of her winnings to the Cleveland Police department because she always admired the cops (if you can believe that one)

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I'll bet money that the other four lines on the winning ticket get played alot this year...

Too bad Ms. Battle wasn't in NY or NJ.  The lottery officials there might have help her with her plight as they did with Melvin Milligan aka Al Oliver who coincidently A Melvin Milligan went to Washington High School with Jack Oliver in Ohio.  My guess is that Melvin Milligan is probably deceased, that's why they chose his name.  Jack Oliver was once advisor to a President.  I've been constantly harassed in attempt to scare me in to keeping my  mouth shut.  I've tried to get help from the news media, other politicians, attorneys, etc.  However, it seems no one wants to get involved.


Melvin Milligan ('40)

Business Law


Jack E. Oliver ('41)


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A local judge charged the lawyer who was with Ms. battle with contempt of court.  seems that when he was on T.V. with battle he should have been in court on another case....The judge told him that he had to pay court cost and the prosecuters fees for missing court..Seems he had called the judge and stated he was not feeling well.

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Sounds like Ms Battle and her lawyer were on the same page when it cames to telling a lie for a chance  to share a part of the $162M jackpot. 

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I wonder if his pratctice will get busier or slower

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