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Tennessee lotto ads hit Monday

Jan 9, 2004, 5:32 am

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Tennessee Lottery

Tennesseans will get their first taste of lottery advertising as the state lottery begins its push Monday, airing two television commercials raising awareness that the games will be up in mere days.

Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TEL) spokesperson Kym Gerlock said Thursday details werent available but that two spots 10- and 30-second teasers would air Monday.

Roughly 40 members of the TEL sales team are currently covering the state providing retailers with posters and other materials designed to let Tennesseans know the first scratch off or instant tickets will be available Jan. 20.

The TEL is charged with having online games, which will allow customers to pick their numbers for the big game, up within 60 days of Jan. 20.

TEL officials are hoping to have more than 3,000 retailers selling tickets on the first day.

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