$155 million Mega Millions ticket sold in Ohio

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  I am  having troubles playing powerball on line.Everytime i enter my email address and password, it says invalid email and password.What can i do?I really want to play before cut off time.

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I believe the bottom of the login page has details about how your e-mail address and password need to be formatted.

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  God knows how to work wondersfor people.Whoever you are,what a wonderful way to start the new year.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!


OH allows players to choose AFTER winning (if "annuity" had been selected, the winner(s) would have had a 60-day window to change their mind(s)).

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You don't see too many annuity winners in the lottery any more but maybe tonight you will!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think New Jersey has some people who are real close to busting this wide open. Notice that last night and last Friday had New Jersey with the most 5 of 5 and no PB match.  Something to ponder.  Is there someone in Jersey that has a system that needs just a little more finetuning?


To Cash only.  You are misinformed about NJ.  In NJ and NY you choose CASH or ANNUITY when you play for the Megamillion Lottery.  IT doesn't matter, in  both systems the officials are corrupt and if someone gets your ticket they can make a deal with the lottery officials to cash it for them even if you have signed it.  It appears that the lottery officials will cover for them.  The only thing I don't know is whose getting what.

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The difference between NJ and NY is that in NJ even if you select annuity when you buy the ticket, you can still change your mind after you win and take the cash option.  In NY, once you make your selection, you're stuck with it.


What a good problem to have.....deciding how to be paid.........IF you are fortunate enough to beat the odds......

Good luck to all  !!!        I'm out to purchase some PB tix for tonight's big     210 million dollar drawing.......


THe ticket that won the June 9, 2000 Megamillion drawing was a cash option ticket, but news accounts says that Melvin Milligan whose real name is Al Oliver chose the annunity option.  You indicate that you can change from annunity to cash but can you change from cash to annunity and why would you want to?  Corruption.......


Hopefully the new (unnamed AFAIK) Lottery Director in NY will end the corruption associated with requiring winners of certain scratch games to receive winnings through annuities.

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