First Tennessee Games Revealed


Hopefully the folks running Lottery TN won't force the $1 million winner(s) to receive annuity payments.

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Difficult to predict the odds of a million dollar winner, my foot. How many tickets are being printed?



But not everyone who has a winning entry ticket will send it in. Hence the odds can not be calculated. Although they could probably have just said approximately 1 : 500,000


Interesting on the Lucky 7's game --it is identical to the Lucky 7 game that GA has.

Did Rebecca Paul not bring any creativity to the game for that huge salary she is receiving ?


In NJ & NY you choose Cash or Annunity for the MegaMillion ticket at the time you purchase the ticket not after you win.



Todd pointed out in another forum that in NJ a ticket marked "annuity" CAN be changed to "cash" if you win.

NY (and TX) will not let you change your mind on Mega Millions.

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smd173 -

The article didn't refer to the number of winners who cash in their tickets, it was referring to the chances of winning. There are going to be x amount of tickets printed and y amount of million dollar tickets.



I think there will not be actual "million-dollar" tickets; those prize(s) would be awarded in a special drawing.

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