Lottery 'winner' sues for $63M


I had been wondering what happened with that ticket.

As for suing for "less" than the jackpot value, obviously the ticket was not "worth" $68 million because of the annuity interest.

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I have that ticket too!!

I settle for $30 million and half to my lawyer.

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Thats going to have to be some pretty compelling evidence for that to be awarded....even settled as a nuisance suit

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Compelling evidence? The right lawyer and meaningless evidence might work?

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 looks like dr. bechet

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My thoughts exactly...


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What kind of lottery winner, if the doctor is even the winner,asks for less than the ticket is worth.  Besides the fact that he left his ticket in a mysteriously convinent non-retrievable situation.  Sounds like the doctor is a conman looking for a get rich scheme.

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Go easy on lawyers....we're not all bad!  LOL


Hey--What's brown and black and looks good on a lawyer ?

a doberman.....

just kidding <:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !!

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 sorry jorli.

 i was referring to the johnny cochranes of life and those lawyers on the back of phone books.

 "if at first it doesn't fit,  you must admit"



This guy is lying.  I wonder who's paying him.  The reason why the ticket hasn't been claimed is because it was stolen from my home in New Jersey and I believe whomever stole it has been in contact with the NY Lottery and that there is a conspiracy going on.  I will immediately seek a lawyer.  I have notified the lottery of the exact date and approximate time the ticket was purchased and it was not purchased on December 24, 2002 as reported by the Lottery Director.  I think this is part of the scheme.


THis guy is lying.  I purchased that ticket and I notified the NY Lottery after it was stolen from my home.  I also notified them of the exact date and approximate time the ticket was purchased and it was not on December 24, 2002 as stated by the NY Lottery Director on August 19, 2003.  He must be a part of the scheme.

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Good luck in your suit, I hope you're successful.  If you do indeed file a lawsuit, be sure to send me updates so I can post the news stories about it here.


Thank you Todd:  I believe this is a clever way for the lottery officials in conspiracy with politicians to try and discredit me.  However, if the purchase data is protected from being modified they can match it with the information which I supplied to them months ago and prove something very wrong is going on.  Note:  The winning information was never posted on the mega million website when the ticket came out.  Moreover it was pulled from the NY website and subsequently put back on after I notified them that the ticket was stolen.  Moreover, the NY Director will now be running the MegMillion Lottery drawings held in Georgia.  I believe this is a reward for her cooperation to help deprive me of my winnings.  If I wasn't suppose to collect the winnings they should not have sold me the ticket.  I believe the lottery officials and the politicians are trying to keep the public from knowing the real deal.  Corruption exists and is present in this instance.

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Have you contacted an attorney yet?  I hope you haven't shot yourself in the foot by waiting until after the ticket expires to file your suit.

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In the "Rules and Regulations" section of the Powerball slip play sheet it says, "The ticket, not the game slip, shall be the only valid proof of the selections made and the only valid receipt for claiming a prize."  Your state laws which govern lottery prize collections would talk about how the ticket is your only proof that you indeed won.  I feel bad for you that you were robbed.  The unclaimed prize is going to go to the state unless you proceed with legal action.  I hope you win your winnings!  Just file the lawsuit before the time period for claiming the ticket expires.  I was curious why you waited for the time to almost expire on the claiming of the ticket before you would suit your state lottery? 

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Good Luck jacaesar.


My mistake was notifying politicians of what was going on thinking they would help me.  Instead, I believe this clever plot was probably devised to prdvent me from exposing the corruption in the lottery system.  I have proof that can prove that the officianls at both NJ and NY lotteries are corrupt.  But they'll do anything to prdvent that, I think including eliminating me.  Who do you think they'll protect, Me, who they perceive as just a person or the integrity of their system?  The answer is obvious.  That's why I'm trying to find a way to speak out publicly so that if something happens to me or my familly it can be investigated.  However, I know I'm dealing with people in powerful positions.  BUT ALL POWER LIES WITH GOD  Like I indicated before, if the computers have been set so that the purchase information can't be munipulated, I'll have no problem proving the facts.


I feel like I have been treated just a bad as the Iraqi's.  Our soldiers were fighting to free Iraqi's from evil.  However, I'm in the U.S. and I'm the victim of just as much or even more evil.  But I don't know if I have anyone to rescue me since the U.S. is my attacker.  They are also trying to surpress any media because they can't have the corruption at the lottery exposed.


I have evidence that will prove that the lottery officials are involved so they had to think of something.  But because I made them provide me with something in writing, I can prove that they participated in the corruption. 

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