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Lucky lottery store in N.H. does it again

Aug 31, 2003, 5:52 pm

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PowerballThe winning Powerball ticket, worth an estimated $135.6 million, was sold at a convenience store that is building a reputation as the place to buy lottery tickets.

The ticket for Saturday night's drawing was the second winning Powerball ticket sold at the State Line Store on Route 302 on the Maine border, and the store also has sold a winning Tri-State Megabucks ticket and a winning Cash Lotto ticket in recent years. The other Powerball ticket was worth about $25 million.

"It will be interesting to see what kind of ripple effect that will have on this store," store manager Bill Flynn said. "We'll be known as the lucky store."

The ticket was the sdventh winning multi-state Powerball ticket sold in the state.

The store owner, who was vacationing in South Carolina, gets up to $30,000 of the jackpot in New Hampshire.

Store Manager Bill Flynn said he learned of the winning ticket when he came in this morning, and since then, "we were asking everybody who comes through the door" if they bought the winning ticket.

Store employees never learned who bought the last winning ticket -- the winner never disclosed the name except to lottery officials.

He said the other winning ticket was sold in the middle of the ice storm that devastated the Northeast in 1998.

"The store was having a bad week," he said.

Not this week. Flynn said the store sold more than 4,000 tickets Friday, the start of the long Labor Day weekend. He said many of the sales were to people from Massachusetts and particularly Maine, who cross the border just to buy tickets. Massachusetts and Maine don't have Powerball.

"I like to think it's a local," Flynn said of the winner.

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