Tennessee best friends split lottery ticket and win $3 million


Does Tennessee Lottery cut separate checks for each individual?   Certainly hope so.


In any case, congratulations on this huge lottery win!

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That's a very good question. I will check with the lottery office tomorrow to be sure. My guess would be if 2 people showed up, they would write out just 1 check and that would be to the person who has signed the back of the ticket. Which means they would probably leave it to the 2 friends to divide the money on their own. Friendship is one of the few things in life that we can have with us everyday, but we don't know we have it until we need it.Congrats to the 2 lucky gentlemen.

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Congrats to Brandon and Wyatt...... Enjoy your newly acquired fortune  Thumbs Up


Friends...oh yeah!

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Yes it can be split to however many people who bought into it!

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I'm glad he didn't back out.  Can you imagine the regret?  His buddy would have given him some cash, but it wouldn't be any where near half.  Remember back in the days when none of the lottery operations wanted to do splitting?  It has been all the office pools, the sheer popularity of it that made them cave and allow it.  Of course, I bet there is still a lot of lawsuits where people say they were promised a split and plaintiff alleges the ticket holder reneged.  If it's not a scratcher, the best way to avoid this is to get separate matching numbers, or in the office pool situation, print out photocopies of all the tickets and give to all in the group BEFORE the drawing.


Several years ago, I used to go 50-50 on scratch off tickets with a co-worker but we never won anything over $100.  I offered to go 50-50 on a $30 ticket and he declined because of our lack of luck.  I bought the ticket anyways and it was a $1000 winner.  We never split tickets after I hit that win.  I don't think my co-worker got over it even though it wasn't life changing.

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I'd have probably kept that win to myself.

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I ain't never heard of nobody in Tennessee with a yankee name like Brandon.

But I'm still glad he won that prize.

Truth be told, I'm really happy about it.

Ecstatic, very excited, elated, thrilled, overly exuberant.

I can't hardly contain my ownself.

Let's go Brandon! Let's go Brandon! 

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Yeah, that other Brandon also got shot on the set. it's not that he got a shot of jenever or Jägermeister. California? ...

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PartyCongrats to the Best Friends!Party

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Congrats on the win!!

Some of these lottery ticket prices are becoming exorbitant.  Not much into the scratchers thing to be honest. 

But pretty soon I am gonna have to find me a friend to split that Mega Millons and Powerball cost.

Anybody wanna be my friend??

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