$620 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot rolls again

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I think next week or after it gets hit.  It's going to be during the baseball playoffs

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Finally...a pretty descent bump from previous draws on this run

Good luck to each and everyone of Lottery Posts' participants on Saturdays(10/02) draw.  Star

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LOL I think I'll wait till it gitz at least a Billyen, then, I'll🎈POP🎈 it..or Thumbs DownSHUT'EM DOOOWN Agin..!!

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* l walked into a store yesterday to purchase tickets and the guy in front of me was telling the clerk that he " only plays" the lottery when it climbs into the billion dollar range. I briefly thought of Gregory Jarvis, the Mich lottery player who drowned & never got to see a dime of that money.

  • l guess what l am saying is " Time & Tide wait for no man.. or woman! Subject to interpretation.

PartyFor others..Win Something!

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I Agree!

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I decided to put this run in perspective......Okay,here we go..........

6/09/21...starting jackpot is $20M...then goes up to $31M---$40M--$52M--$63M--$75M--$88M--$101M--$113M--$127M--$137M--$150M--$161M--$174M--$186M--$199M--$211M--$226M--$241M--$258M--$274M--$290M--NEW MONDAY DRAW STARTS 8/23/21--$293M--$304M--$322M--$332M--$345M--$367M--$375M--$388M--$409M--$416M--$432M--$457M--$472M--$490M--$523M--$545M--$570M -----Currently $620M

Let me make sure this is right...from start to current..up 11 up 9 up 12 up 11 up 12 up 13 up 13 up 12 up 14 up 10 up 13 up 11 up 13 up 12 up 13(199 mark) up 12 up 15 up 15 up 17 up 16 up 16 to $290M ** Monday draw starts up 3 BS up 11 up 18 up 10 Blue Thinking up 13 up 22 up 8...8 ??  Really? 8? That's it ? from $367 to $375 ? P***ed   up 13 up 21 up 7($416M) 7? up $7 MILLION....That's IT ???  hmmmm Let It All Out up 16 up 25 up 15 up 15 again up 18 up 33($523M) Star NICE That's more like it Smile....up 22 Confused.. up 23 and finally up 50 Hurray!THERE WE GO, NOW WE ARE COOKIN WITH AVIATON GAS !!

YEAH YEAH YEAH, I KNOW.....It all depends upon sales etc etc.... All in all ? For this participant,during this run, since it started at the $150M mark for me ? I don't know about any of you but this Monday addition and the blame it on Covid has gotten just a bit old....Take the price back to a $1 a ticket, 2 draws a week and stop the promise of at least $20M increases. I'm finished sputtering, thanks for listening.

The end.................................................Good luck folks

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In response to noise-gate

 " Time & Tide wait for no man.."

Probability Math reveals to Me the "Time".. with it, I'll produce the Dunk "Tide", to wash dat 1: 300, 000,000 Oddz, Myth, right doown da drain..!! Thumbs Up, cause I am STAT$TALKER.Wink.!!

ANY Lottery that UNDERESTIMATES Me and doesn't RESPECT Me, will soon come to FEAR Me..!!, for I'm in Command of the Ultimate Lottery Weapon..!! Cheers


Players waiting to $500mil to play 


I play at $20 mil be nice if they went back to $40mil start


They full of B.S.,SCEL full of B.S.,all the LOTTERIES full of B.S.

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In response to FULLYBLESS

That's an interesting thing to post on a website about lotteries.

So, the question would be....why are you here on a website about lotteries? Do you even play? And if you do, why, if they are all full of B.S.?

Just curious.

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For l am in command of the ultimate lottery weapon!" ...What exactly does that mean, in layman's terms?


  • I will remind you of a scene in Star Wars where an officer in the presence of Darth Vader said " This battle station is now the ULTIMATE power in the Universe!" At which Vader said " Don't be to proud of this technological terror you have constructed."
  •  What transpired next was a scene for the ages. So, once again- what is this ultimate lottery weapon you speak of $S?-  Care to share?

I thought for sure it would be hit last night because of all the low numbers. People playing birthdays, anniversaries, kids ages, etc.


Hey!! I see a recurring theme here 🤓


If the PowerBall jackpot hits the billion dollar mark, it could possibly go past the $1.5 billion that was on offer in 2016.

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In response to KY Floyd

Detailed, well thought out analysis as always, thanks

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

I play the lottery even though I know it's a sucker bet. 

Why? For the fun of it. If I win some money, great, and if don't win any money,(which is most of the time) that's OK too. I never expect to win, so when I do win a few bucks that makes it that much better!  G5

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In response to GiveFive

Yes Nod

Same here.

In response to rcbbuckeye

I Agree!....l look at it as supporting your favorite team. It may be years since they made the playoffs, but you hang in there regardless.

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I buy at least one ticket for each drawing.

Gotta be in it to win it!

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In response to Droptop209

Yep. I noticed it at the store this morning. More people playing than usual, more lines purchased than usual. Hopefully it rolls over a little more and I'll get to watch someone buying a hundred bucks worth of QPs. That's always amusing.

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I think it will get to 1 Billion also. I get all my Powerball tickets from Lottery Post quick picks generator. So far have won $8.00. 😁

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Same here. I like it when I win a few bucks too. It's also fun to dream about hitting it big.

Today I was out grocery shopping and I picked up an additional ticket at a store I don't usually buy from. Maybe this one time it will get lucky.

I wouldn't mind if there was more than one winner, a piece of this would be plenty.

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One hour until draw 🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳

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651.3 🤯🤯🤯🤯


So that means you full of B.S.😀


Powerball  670 million

In response to BBLL

That finishing total moved it up one notch on the biggest annuity list, to #9, but the cash value was still about $10 million shy of moving up from #8 to #7.

The official PB website still says pending, but USAMega and the state sites I've looked at all show a rollover. That amount is the $670 million that was forecast when last night's was still advertised at 635, so it now represents a whopping increase of $18.7 million for the annuity and about $13.5 million cash. That will move the annuity up another notch to  8th place, an the cash moves up 1 notch to #7.

Of course even with Monday sales running low compared to Wednesdays and Saturdays, that 670 figure has to be really low. At the very least it should end up as a bit more than the $35 million increase of the 635 > 670 forecast, so something better than 685. It needs to be more than 687.8 to reach 7th place, and I'd think that's a done deal by Monday night. That would also be enough to move the cash value up to the #5 spot.

If it was still 2 drawings per week I'd figure that the #5 annuity spot was a slam dunk, but it would have to get almost to 775 to become the new #4 cash value. Based on the biggest rollovers so far I think that would be a long shot even without the Monday drawing.

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Tonight's Powerball jackpot was just increased to $685 million, with cash option of $485.5 million.

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Gotta like that.... Cash value now in the top 5 !!White Bounce

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