NEW VIDEO: The largest lottery jackpots in history


Will watch it tomorrow...I'm sure it is well worthy!

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It was a good refresher of jackpots that I had forgotten about over the last ten years.  I liked the stories in the video too.-weshar75

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Kat, Your videos keep getting better. I was not aware of any of these stories. When you mentioned the  the guy from prison suing the Tennessee couple, that had me laughing out loud. Can't wait for your next video. Well done. And very informative.


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Excellent video.  Had totally forgot about #2 and that's a good thing for the winner.   That's what is so good about an anonymous state like SC.

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Great video. I enjoyed these stories very much. I just hope these people went on to lead happy, peaceful lives free of drama. The one who the day after the win called her job and said she wasn't coming in and went straight to claim her prized kind of shocked me. No planning at all on what she would do. I just hope all turned out OK for her.

Keep up the good work Kate!

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