Indiana man will continue cutting grass after $15.8 million Hoosier Lotto win

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Did u leave 'Bama for Indy Forrest?

See the source image


Didn't take him long to claim his prize. He has lots of extra money now. Hopefully he does good by the money. Congratulations!! On a free ticket too Dance

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If I ever win big in the lottery, I'm going to keep my side job of selling weed. 😊

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For all the QP naysayers, he won on a free QP ticket!

How cool!


Indiana wins a lot.


Do winners in Indiana have the right to remain anonymous?

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In response to dannyct

INDIANA  Appears to be anonymous via a LLC.

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That jackpot looks like it rolled 72 times between winners. It only grows by 200,000 every roll.


* Now that's how you claim your money.  You check your tickets & if you a winner you do the right thing.


* But Leonard had his ticket in hibernation for close to a year before he " realized " the day before it expired that he was about to lose out on $500,000. It pays to pay attention.

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In response to dannyct
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That's why I save my Ga Fantasy 5 "Free Ticket" wins til a decent jackpot grows , then redeem it..

Like the otherday, when the jackpot was $1.06 Million..


"After driving a semi for many years, I think I'd rather drive a school bus." Pretty sure Mr. Jones will be the only millionaire  school bus driver in the state of Indiana.

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Others have claimed it through their LLC Attorney in Indiana and talking about some multi-million wins..way up there!  All they would say is the for example $500 million Mega Millions sold @ such and such a store in said town and that's it.


Nice that he won on a free ticket and this is an RNG game.


Perhaps mowing is therapeutic for him, out there in the fresh air and enjoying himself.

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Congrats to the lucky guy, enjoy !  Party

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Congratulations to Mr. Jones. Sounds like he still wants to work, just do stuff a little easier that he enjoys. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

I wish him well in his future.

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This will change his mind.  Something isn't right with this story.

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In response to wander73

I'm not sure what you think is not right?  Indiana for the most part has a strong work ethic he apparently enjoys mowing and there are many bus drivers that do it in their communities for the kids.  The only thing wrong with this story is I played every 72 draws and I didn't win.  Indiana's jackpot grows at a snail pace. However,  I did win a free ticket!

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Hey've got to win Powerball jackpot Saturday and keep Indiana #1 in Powerball jackpot wins!  Don't think I'll be making the journey to play there this time!

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