Massachusetts player claimed $500,000 Powerball prize one day before it expired

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Good for him that he caught it in time. That would not happen with me, I'm checking my tix right after the draw.

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Amen Rcb...... It truly amazes me how some folks treat a potential multi-million dollar document like it's warranty card for a household appliance.

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He ran another risk allowing the store clerk to tell him whether his ticket was a winner, for they often lie to the ticket holder...I always look for a Lottery ticket scanner that allows ME to see scan it, to see if the ticket is a winner or not..but mostly I let my computer check my tickets for each drawing, if I play.

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You are so right, always check your own ticket.  How hard is that!!  Store clerks often lie, why take that chance.


Thanks Todd for running this story, maybe not on my suggestion but that's cool.


That's it, if I win the Megabucks Doubler my fox/coon hound dog will be driving home and visiting the newest lottery headquarters.   Don't think she can ride the red line subway though which is steps from the place so would have to drive!


Thankfully they instituted an app to scan your tickets on your cellular phone.  We upgraded here, two free phones since the older Android ones would not allow the app to be downloaded.   Some day Massachusetts will allow purchase of tickets over the Internet!

KLC had sent me a FB message last week to be on the look out for some changes and I'll post what it is if it is newsworthy for LP members to know about.

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PartyCongrats to the Winner!Party

In response to onenumber

      You hear about the occasional clerk that gets caught somehow doing that. Some are clever enough to give you say 100.00 when you actually won 500.00 or more just to get you out of the store feeling happy and not even thinking that you were scammed. I would say this happens every day to someone in every state. There is no way to determine how many. I do know I have run into clerks who don't mind checking people's ticket especially if they look like an easy mark.


"..but he didn't even realize it"- l say he did. We not idiots!


The people who run the lottery in Idaho must be a bunch of "potato" heads. Why would you basically force people to buy the "Powerplay" whether they want it or not? I always buy the Powerplay, but there are a lot of people who never get Powerplay. There should never be a rule that says "your only option is to pay more, or you don't play." This could backfire and leave a lot of officials looking pretty stupid.

No NoAgree with stupid


I agree... sounds fishy to me !


I always check mine the next day. The Louisiana Lottery now has a phone app that will scan the barcode and check the ticket. However, it doesn't always work for some reason, so I often check on the web page as well.

I'm glad he got his jackpot on time. We've had some jackpots in this state expire unclaimed. The theory is someone passing through bought the tickets and never bothered to check them later.


Well Kentucky lottery thank you for being true to your word.   FB post that Pick 3 & 4 are now available on-line.

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The man was luckier than he even knows.

Not only did he claim the ticket one day before it expired, he was also lucky the clerk didn't try to scam him.  To top it all off, the PowerPlay multiplier was 10X.  The 10X multiplier has been drawn in maybe five drawings since October of 2015 when it first began.  (That's a total of 613 drawings)   G5

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In response to PrisonerSix

On July 31st, 2021 a Florida Fantasy5 jackpot winning Free Ticket worth more than $215,000 was sold in a supermarket in Davie Florida. (That's a whopper of a Fantasy5 jackpot. Usually Fantasy5 jackpots are split among multiple winners, but even when there is just one winner, the prize is less than $200,000)

It's still unclaimed as of yesterday.  In Florida, Fantasy5 winners have six months to claim their prize.  Since June of 2012, there have been 12 unclaimed Free Ticket jackpot winners that have expired.  What is it with people not bothering to check a Free Ticket they won??   

I know it's only been three weeks since the jackpot was won, but with just six months to claim it or forfeit the money, IMHO a $215,000+ jackpot should be claimed ASAP! G5

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