Oregon man wins two prizes for life in one drawing

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Wow.....winning once is hard. Winning twice is almost impossible. I can understand taking the lifetime payment on the first one, but on the second win I would have took the lump sum option. That would have taken care of his daughter's medical school expenses right away, and they would not have to worry about it later. Congrats to him and his family, great double win!

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Be careful with New York's pick 10 game if you hit the jackpot multiple times they won't pay you.


Almost speechless on this great win X 2.

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I wish him well in his future. If I won a large jackpot, I'd probably do the annuity because it's easier to manage smaller amounts of money over time than it is to manage big amounts.

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Double  Awesome!!! Congratulations 😊😊😊🤑🤑🤑🤑

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Not surprised.  They'll definitely pay the winner something,  but it will be a lot less than what the winner expects to be paid.  I'm sure they have something in the Pick10 official rules about playing the same line multiple times and what they can do if a player wins a jackpot multiple times.

I'm wondering if the same holds true with MegaMillions and PowerBall.  I play the same set of five numbers multiple times on one ticket. Will MUSL do the same thing and refuse to pay what I think they should?  G5

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I am thinkin' it's Weshar75 and he's just claiming to be from Mcminnville, instead of Brookings, to throw us off track. Naughty

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LOL..l confess CD, whenever someone from Oregon wins anything substantial, my immediate thought is: Weshar75 finally pulled it off.


"Rather than take the lump sum cash option, Collins chose to receive his identical prizes as annuities."


I checked the rules at


And there doesn't seem to be a "ump sum cash option".

If I'm missing something, can someone point out what the lump sum option is equal to? (I'm curious)

Best ai can see is a guaranteed minimum payout of $260k total over the first 5 years (If someone dies in the first 5 years, their estate gets the value of the balance of payouts they would have received if they had lived at least 5 years after payouts start)

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Lotteries typically provide a lump-sum cash option for every game/prize that is awarded as annuity.  It is equal to the amount of cash needed to fund the annuity.  If you can't locate the cash option on a particular game, the lottery should be able to tell you what it is if you write to them.

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