Louisiana Lottery launches Pick 5 draw game


Doesn't affect me, but it is an RNG game!!


I will compliment the Louisiana lottery.   A couple of years played in NOLA and won maybe $50 or so.   Thought I had to fill out a claims form and mailed it and the signed ticket to them.   That same week an envelope came from them with the check and a post it note stating I didn't need to fill out a claim form.  Don't ask me which state takes forever and a day to send you your check!!

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Hey Bleudog101, just curious. Which state takes forever and a day to get your check?


I said this before, but in the hopes Mr. Grief of Texas Lottery sees this....will you guys please bring this game into your portfolio?

Then, dump the Cash 5 game.


I absolutely love the "front pair-"back pair" option on their Pick 5. That is very creative, and something I wish we had in my state. Odds of winning 1st prize, 1in 100,000. Those are odds I can live with. Spend fifty-cents and win 25 thousand dollars? I could live with that too.

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It was Georgia... many weeks went by and had to restrain myself to keep from calling them.   I'm sure they get a good volume of mail but it was ridiculous.   CA, NJ, RI and MA were all fairly timely in comparison!

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I Agree!

There are more ways players can win in Pick 5 with the introduction of six new play types:

  • Front Pair: first two digits in exact order
  • Back Pair: last two digits in exact order
  • Front Three: first three digits in exact order
  • Back Three: last three digits in exact order
  • Front Four: first four digits in exact order
  • Back Four: last four digits in exact order

It's like having a choice to play any or all of many different games on one drawing. The payoffs for matching five digits in any position are pretty nice too.


I like this. The odds are good. I like the Front Four, & Back Four plays that pays $5,000.00



It's a 50% fixed payout game. You can do better in other states.

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I'm pretty sure all lotteries with this type of pick-5 game use they same payoff structure.


 Match  Prize Amount  Odds 
Straight$50,0001 in 100,000
Box (120-way)$4001 in 833.33
Front 4 in exact order$5,0001 in 10,000
Back 4 in exact order$5,0001 in 10,000
Front 3 in exact order$5001 in 1,000
Back 3 in exact order$5001 in 1,000
Front 2 in exact order$501 in 100
Back 2 in exact order$501 in 100

The Ohio game is exactly the same and so PA with the exception of adding a wild ball option. It's not a 5/39 game and the only payoff for matching 2, 3, or four digits is matching exact.

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Thanks for this ......I love seeing the odds on these type of games. Whenever it finally comes to my state I will be a constant player. The "front 4" and "back 4" odds are a lot better than I imagined. I will be calling my state lottery office very soon.


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The 120 way box is the lowest box payoff. Found the Ohio pick-5 game payoffs and as you can see most of the 50 cent box wins require a W-2G.

Wager TypeOdds$0.50 Wager$1.00 Wager
Straight1 in 100,000Pay $25,000$50,000
120-Way Box1 in 833Pay $208.50$417
60-Way Box1 in 1,667Pay $417$834
30-Way Box1 in 3,333Pay $834$1,668
20-Way Box1 in 5,000Pay $1,250$2,500
10-Way Box1 in 10,000Pay $2,500$5,000
5-Way Box1 in 20,000Pay $5,000$10,000

The Ohio straight payoffs are similar to Louisiana.

To Win MatchOdds$0.50
First four numbers in exact order1 in 10,000$2,500$5,000
Last four numbers in exact order1 in 10,000$2,500$5,000
First three numbers in exact order1 in 1,000$250$500
Last three numbers in exact order1 in 1,000$250$500
First two numbers in exact order1 in 100$25$50
Last two numbers in exact order1 in 100$25$50
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Does the Louisiana pick-5 game pay $10 matching any 3 digits?

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I'm in Louisiana and I only occasionally play Pick 3 or 4, but I might give this game a try.

I've never had to send in a claim form, so it's good to know they are quick about paying by mail.

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Same day of the week AND same day of the year that the Georgia Five debuted. Georgia Five was Sunday, August 1, 2010 -- the day after I graduated with a Master's degree from UGA. 

I am glad that the Louisiana's 5-ball numbers game has 50/50 payouts and not the farcical payout scheme used by Georgia Five. 

P.S. To clarify, it is not just the Pick 5 that will not draw on Christmas and Easter. The Pick-3 and Pick-4 don't draw on Christmas or Easter in Louisiana either.

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Georgia's has a very strange, farcical payout structure. If I had not graduated from UGA and left the state the day before the game started, I would have probably written them a disapproving letter about this payout scheme and asking that they change it to a 50/50 payout scheme. Of course, they'd probably pay no attention to my letter. 

 Match  Prize Amount  Odds 
Straight$10,0001 in 100,000
Front or Back 4$2251 in 5,556
Front 3 + Back 1$211 in 11,111
Front 1 + Back 3$211 in 11,111
Front or Back 3$201 in 617
Front 2 + Back 2$201 in 11,111
Front 2 + Back 1$111 in 1,235
Front 1 + Back 2$111 in 1,235
Front or Back 2$101 in 62
Front 1 + Back 1$21 in 123
Front or Back 1$11 in 6

The top prize is $10,000 for odds of 1 in 100,000. I could spend an extra dollar and win $10,000 playing the Pick-4 with ten times better odds. The prize for matching the front or back 3 is $20, when I can win $500 for virtually the same thing playing the Pick-3. The prize for matching the front 3 and back 1 or back 3 and front 1 is FAR LOWER than the odds of matching the Pick-3, yet the odds of winning this way are slightly worse than the Pick-4. I would never play this game.

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