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Lottery Post announces YouTube channel relaunch

May 28, 2021, 12:16 pm

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Lottery Post Site News

By Kate Northrop

Lottery Post today revealed an exciting addition to its growing repertoire of lottery resources — the website's official and refreshed YouTube channel.

Nearly a month ago, Lottery Post announced the launch of its Instagram account. While that social media platform provides members a new way of getting their daily Lottery Post fix, the relaunch of the YouTube channel will offer something much more.

Lottery Post not only serves as a social conduit for the largest community of lottery players in the world, but it is a complete resource with a wide breadth of information and tools for players to use. Similarly, the YouTube channel will keep to Lottery Post's goal of being a one-stop source for all things lottery-related by featuring Lottery Post original videos.

"The goal of the relaunch is to provide our community of players an entirely new variety of fresh, interesting content in both an entertaining and informative way," Lottery Post Director of Marketing and Public Relations Kate Northrop said. "We're going to have something for every lottery player, whether they're seasoned and experienced or just dipping their feet in the water for the very first time."

The channel will post carefully curated videos on a monthly basis with topics that cover common questions about the lottery, sensational stories, and instructional how-to videos that teach Lottery Post members to play the lottery using the site's extensive tools and resources.

For long-time Lottery Post fans, perhaps one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the YouTube channel is that staff, who have historically remained hidden and behind-the-scenes for the most part, will finally have a face.

"Lottery Post staff have traditionally maintained a low profile, keeping our website as our public-facing identity," Northrop continued. "With the re-introduction of our YouTube channel, we are so excited to finally interact with our player base. We're looking forward to 'meeting' you!"

Viewers are highly encouraged to subscribe to the official Lottery Post YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the latest content. Also, by tapping the Bell icon on the channel, subscribers will be notified of new videos as soon as they come out.

Lottery players can also check out and follow Lottery Post's official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the most recent industry news and fun social media-exclusive content.

VIDEO: Lottery Post's YouTube Introduction

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