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North Carolina Lottery adds Cash 5 Double Play feature

Apr 26, 2021, 4:08 pm

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North Carolina Lottery

Players try out new feature for a second chance to win

By Kate Northrop

Sunday marked the release of the North Carolina Lottery's Cash 5 Double Play add-on feature, which gives players the chance to win a prize twice in one night for an extra $1 per play.

Opting in for the Double Play feature will have the player's numbers for the original Cash 5 drawing entered for a second drawing that takes place immediately after.

The prizes for the original Cash 5 drawing and the Double Play drawing are independent of each other, meaning the jackpot for the Cash 5 drawing will continue to increase should no one win, while the top prize for the Double Play drawing will always remain the same at $50,000.

Prizes for the Double Play drawing are:

  • Match 5 numbers, win $50,000 (1 in 962,598 odds)
  • Match 4 numbers, win $500 (1 in 5,066 odds)
  • Match 3 numbers, win $12 (1 in 137 odds)
  • Match 2 numbers, win $3 (1 in 11.4 odds)

For exact prize amounts and odds for all Cash 5 prizes, including the Double Play feature, you can visit Lottery Post's Cash 5 Prizes and Odds page.

Currently, the add-on feature is only available at official retailers and vending machines and is unavailable for online play. While the Lottery did not say that adding the feature to online play is in the works, it is an option that their game developers would consider.

"We chose to roll out this new feature at retailers first, but... your feedback goes a long way in helping [the game developers] to determine which new features to add online," the Lottery said in response to a player inquiry on their news blog.

Some players who tuned into live television to view the first drawing with the Double Play feature yesterday were surprised when they noticed that the second Double Play drawing was not televised immediately after the Cash 5 drawing, with some confused about whether drawings are computerized or conducted mechanically.

"Due to time restrictions on TV we weren't able to televise the second Cash 5 drawing, but it is conducted using the same type of ball machine and the same procedure as the first Cash 5 drawing," the Lottery reassured.

To play Cash 5 with the Double Play add-on, players can add the option to each individual Cash 5 play for $1 per play or by checking the "Yes" box at the bottom of the play slip.

Cash 5 Double Play drawings take place every night immediately after Cash 5 drawings at 11:22 pm EST.

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