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Triple zeroes — Virginia Lottery players cash in on 0-0-0

Apr 20, 2021, 9:53 am

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Virginia Lottery

Second triple drawn in a month yields more than $3 million in payouts

By Kate Northrop

Yesterday, the Virginia Lottery announced the results and prize payouts of the Pick 3 afternoon drawing in which players broke the bank after the combination 0-0-0 was drawn.

On Mon., Apr. 19, the afternoon Pick 3 drawing handsomely rewarded players who chose the popular triple combination 0-0-0.

"Triple numbers in the Pick 3 game are among the most popular combinations selected by players," the Lottery stated.

Players won a total of $3,087,300, while the Lottery took in $565,399 in sales for the drawing, about a fifth of the amount paid out in prizes.

Just one month ago, the triple combination 4-4-4 was drawn in the Lottery's Pick 3 game on St. Patrick's Day.

According to the Lottery, every player who wagered $1 on the Exact Order combination won a top prize of $500. The odds of matching all three numbers in exact order are 1 in 1,000.

Pick 3 drawings take place twice daily, once at 1:59 pm EST and again at 11:00 pm EST. Tickets may be purchased at any official Lottery retailer.

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