N.C. man rewards friend with new car in return for lucky winning lottery numbers


A good friend indeed.


NCEL makes me want to make that long drive to next state over to play!

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I'm hoping to see one from our local area, soon.



Seem like alot of the same area(s) so i hope we seen real soon before year is out, my great area of Wilson!


or where i have few great friends living and a few  co-workers etc., in a lovely part of

Rocky Mount. 

Great another winner though, hence, congrats.Hurray!

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Cassie, I'm trying my best to represent....but NC don't want to cooperate!



I find it odd that someone would ask another player for their 5 lucky numbers. I wouldn't want anyone playing mine. I'd rather play them myself and hope no one else did. Play your own numbers. Not someone else's. Guy whose numbers got played must feel like a chump. I'd tell him to stick his car where the sun doesn't shine. He had the unmitigated gall to call him back for the last number. A much better story would have been if he refused to give him  that last one and told him to pick his own 5th number and then went out and played his 5 which he hadn't intended to do.

In response to billybucks

Perhaps he has been using his numbers for so long & losing that he decided to try another's.

* Reminds me of a line in the movie " The negotiator"- Samuel L Jackson said " When your friends betray you, sometimes the only people you can trust are strangers."
Same difference though.

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Nice that he wants to get a car for his friend. In my humble opinion, maybe he should ask his friend( perhaps by text message LOL) if he wants a car or a share of the money?

I plan to share with some people in my circle when I win, then they can decide what they want to buy with the money.

In response to Kee12

     That would be fine if you won with your numbers not someone else's. The more I think about this I would have told the leech who was playing my numbers to buy an extra one for me since I cannot get to the store in time or something. I will repay you when I see you later. Of course he just probably didn't give it a thought thinking big deal it won't hit anyway so here are my secret numbers that i've been playing for 5 years and haven't won squat with. The whole thing seems out of whack. Especially the part where he called back for the 5th number. It is true he should have offered him the option of the cash or the car. Maybe he did. I hope he pays the tax to the registry or the excise tax which is heavy on a new one and not pull an Oprah whose audience got stuck with the taxes after her gift of a new car for everyone.


Thinking about getting him a car? Thinking? How about that and some cash... Remember u had zero


Hope i get lucky tonight.. Hope they fix it my way..

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Numbers are not trademarked. If two strangers happen to have favorites to play it still doesn't make it their numbers . 

It's nice to think personal numbers could be 'owned', yet it would be difficult to make a case. 


This fellow followed thru on reciprocity. 

Rather kind of him and commonly done amongst friends . 

Congrats on the win!!

In response to TheGameGrl

   When there are multiple winners and they are strangers that is one thing and that is disturbing to each if they have to split the prize. But he  committed a no-no. You do not knowingly play someone else's numbers. there are many people who know other people's numbers and play them but to have the gall to call him up and demand his numbers especially that 5th one is beyond reproach. I only wish the guy whose numbers they were played them also. Then he definitely would not be thrilled with the copy cat. It's one thing to do it with a daily number game but it is not cool to do it with large jackpots. sorry.

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  i  do  not  know  where  you from,  but  it do  happen  often ,    people  come  to  me all  the    time,  you  not  a  gambler.

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In response to bigguy5

You are so right helped me a lot when I first joined LP and I learned from you.

Never asked about cash 5 but did with p3 for sure.

The man who gave him the numbers had a choice to play & if he could not get to the store

he could have figured out a way if he wanted to bad enough....the man is great for giving him

a car but like someone else said he may change his mind...don't think he's given it to him

yet...wish we could find out if he does or not.

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In response to billybucks

You do not knowingly play someone else's numbers. there are many people who know other people's numbers and play them but to have the gall to call him up and demand his numbers especially that 5th one is beyond reproach.

All he had to do was say no if he didn't want his numbers played.  If he can't just say no, he could easily come up with an excuse.  I don't really have regular numbers. 

There was another winner.  Maybe his friend did play his own numbers.  Can they stay anonymous in NC?

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