Ohio man accused of killing lottery winner found not guilty

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I heard about this a while ago. So tragic. Frown RIP Isaac Carson.


I am praying for the victim family as he is continuing to rip now.

However, i know this much,


-Zero evidence and only going by a hunch or a "feelin?"Not evidence.


-No real proof=  NOT GUILTY and i've been on California jury and here in NC.


-Prosecutor has to show without a doubt some 1 did what they are accused of,


and if not, i am one who will hold out for hours. days.month if warranted."


Sad story. I hope the young man only 19 can rebuild his life, and avoid being around

negative type people, and or those who are up to "no good."


Only Mr.Ward & GOD really know and if he is "truly innocent" i pray to GOD the "real killer is arrested, because they've already wasted a long 24 months and that is not fair to this man family, who care and love him.

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The mysterious third person did it. 


Let's go with that. 

Or so said the jurors.


Wanna bet, that Ward told he's passengers " My cousin sells weeds, and guess what? He just won K50 on a lottery scratcher."  The snap ties were to kidnap the cousin & force him to cough up the money. I mean, you leave Ward's vehicle, get into the backseat & you pull out a gun & don't point it at Ward, but the barber?

This was a robbery for more than weed, after all, you can buy that crap at another street corner, it's the scratcher money they were after.


There was a scratch-off winner in Canton, Ohio that was robbed and killed after winning a nice jackpot. I believe they murdered him for under $200. Tried to find a link to the story but found several recent stories about other murder/robberies. 

There is a reason they call it dope, but who would think anybody had the entire $50 grand in their wallet or money clip?

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What are the names of the two males that were in Ward's car with Ward?  Even if teenager Ward was drunk or high, he should be able to recall at least one.


RIP Isaac Carson.

In response to Stack47

Some thieves have no time to think, they act on impulse. I mean where did the zip ties come from, and why would it be needed, unless they were fed information on the victim.
* l have to chuckle that someone disagrees with my " opinion." It's mine, where's yours? I like to think that if you have a better idea to counter mine, have at it, give me the chance to dissect your? Don't stick & move commie.

As they say"  No imagination."

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In response to HaveABall

That's what I was thinking, doesn't he know the two other peopleWhat?

"According to Ward, he and two others met Carson there to purchase marijuana"


Wonder why no complicity to commit murder?    Here in KY a guy shot and killed an intruder (Castle Doctrine) and intruder's buddy got charged with murder.   I guess every case is differently.

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