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First-time lottery player wins $100K after dreaming about it the night before

Sep 8, 2020, 2:29 pm

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North Carolina Lottery

One dream leads to another as winner sets sights on medical school

By Kate Northrop

Many lottery players have found that it pays to follow your gut or listen to the "voice" in your head, especially when it comes to you in the form of a dream. The premonition of one of North Carolina's most recent lottery winners is as straightforward as they come, and it led to a $100,000 win.

Last Saturday, Kaila Moore of Durham dreamt that she bought a scratch-off ticket. Having never played the lottery, Moore decided that this was the moment to act on her dream.

"I've never bought a lottery ticket ever in my entire life," Moore admitted. "I literally had a dream that I bought a scratch-off. So, when I woke up, I went and bought one."

The morning following her dream, she paid a visit to the Food Lion grocery store on West Main Street in Durham. She purchased a $4,000,000 Gold Rush scratch-off ticket for $20 and headed home to see if she won.

She was not disappointed in the slightest.

"I was with my mom," Moore recalled. "She was more excited about it than me!"

Their excitement was justified — Moore had won a second-tier prize of $100,000.

Moore, who attends East Carolina University, said that they already knew the prize money would be going toward her education.

"I plan to go to medical school, and medical school is not cheap!" she declared. "I'm going to invest some of it in a mutual fund and the rest I'm going to save."

Moore visited North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Wednesday to claim her winnings, which amounted to $70,756 after federal and state tax withholdings.

From the fateful premonition to the incredible outcome, there's much to celebrate, but Moore said she has plenty of studying to do before she can celebrate just yet.

Currently, there are three of six second-tier prizes of $100,000 remaining in the $4,000,000 Gold Rush instant game and two of three top prizes of $4,000,000 left to claim.

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