Liquor, cannabis, lottery: Are our vices essential services in face of COVID-19?


Yes!  We need weed, beer, pills, and lottery right about now!

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" Panic-buying liquor"     Green laugh

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Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a serious condition that can occur in some alcoholics when they try to quit cold turkey. There was an actor on True Blood, Nelsan Ellis, who died of heart failure trying to quit alcohol too abruptly. I know it's easy to scoff at alkies still getting their fix during all this lockdown, but if they're functional alcholics, the booze will keep them out of the hospital. A beer a day keeps the doctor away.


You're 100%.   DT's can be downright dangerous.   I remember one post-op heart (still intubated) had to have alcohol IV to stop his DT's.    OTOH, narc babies which I didn't have to work with would be in withdrawal(s) from their druggie Moms.   


Definitely not throwing my support for Oregon, but this is nothing short of a W** Dream.

Practising Social distancing by being at home: Fully loaded w/ your favorite alcohol, clouds filling the room, you with a  broad smile on your face as you glance at the single winning jackpot ticket for this week in your hand.


People often forget alcohol is considered by its nature a food product. And asking people to stay indoors not go out not go around people and then say not drink? You gotta be kidding. Good luck.

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Yep, Plus I got enough M & M's to last a life time. Cheers


Only the lottery is relevant is these times. Lottery tickets must be sold! Smiley

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Have the churches, synagogues, and temples been forcibly closed? While these Vice stores are free to open.

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Nice of you to ask music. Read that Osteen has heeded the warning & streamed his activities, but some religious pastors in Ohio & Loisiana did not. Said that it was their duty to shepherd the flock by them being present for service* think they had 1,800 in attendance for service.

These characters have a Messiah complex and need to be arrested. They are obviously unfamiliar with scripture, cause when Jesus got word that the religious leaders wanted to arrest him, he totally avoides that city.

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Perhaps the pastors who said it was their duty to shepherd the flock are more concerned with passing the collection plates than 'shepherding'.

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In response to Coin Toss

AMEN!! lolBig Grin Angel Nothing stops that collection plate, nothing!!

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In response to Big Joey


Big Joey,

Yes, I agree. For the people who don't know where they'll end up.
They may as well play lotto, with the guidelines as outlined for one, by my signature below.

Covid2019 is nobody's fault, but is everybody's problem.
Mr. Groppo

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