Retired trucker wins $1M NJ Lottery 'second chance' jackpot

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Congrats. I am very happy for this nj man,retired. 


utilize it wisely,so it'll last.White Bounce


#invest $$$

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Very good luck for James Wood. James is retired at the age of 56? Excellent career planning.

 Now to fund his retirement and enjoy life.

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Egg Harbor? Where is our good egg Haymaker from Egg Harbor?


I'm glad you won..after driving them ol large cars all your life I know you deserve it. I've drove a few myself. Enjoy your good fortune.

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This is amazing so happy for Mr. Wood.  Asbury, my home town so many great memories at Convention Center/Beach.

Super Congratulations to you sirParty


Coming back from Atlantic City and too quickly glancing @ the article.   I'm like 'why not stay anonymous'.   Finally read the whole article and now see why.

Congratulations James on your well deserved win and of course retirement @ 56!

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In response to Artist77

Hi Artist77,

Thanks for asking, have not posted in a long time, as I started to feel like I was repeating myself.

I still read the news stories now and then to keep up.

As for this story the winner is in another town called LITTLE Egg Harbor, about 25 miles north of me.

Not sure if that's named after my town or the Little Harbor they have, maybe their little Harbor is named after our big Harbor. LOL !


The story makes it sound like he is a little man from Egg Harbor and then you look at his picture and no...he looks like a truck driver !



Everyone stay safe from covid19, we will win this together by staying apart !

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