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Missouri House considers legislation to protect the identity of lottery winners

Mar 4, 2020, 8:39 am

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Missouri Lottery

A bill to protect the identity of Missouri lottery winners is making its way through the legislative process.

Rep. Jay Mosley (R-Florissant) sponsored the bill to provide an added level of safety for individuals who win lottery prizes in the state.

The current practice is for prize winners to have their names posted to the lottery website to announce their winnings.

Mosley said the change is needed to give winners the option to stay anonymous.

"This is a safety issue and a way to give winners protection from being easily targeted. Many winners have talked about how winning a lottery prize brought them unwanted attention. This bill is simply a way to allow people to feel safe when they win," said Mosley.

Mosley said eight states, including Kansas, allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.

He said passage of his bill could encourage more people who are concerned about their safety to play the lottery in Missouri rather than cross state line to play the lottery in Kansas where their identity will be protected.

Mosley filed identical legislation during the 2019 session. That bill received unanimous support in the General Laws Committee, but did not make it to the House floor before the legislative session ended. Mosley is hopeful that this year's bill will receive a vote in the House.

Mosley's bill was recently heard by the House General Laws Committee and is expected to receive a vote in the committee in the coming days.

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