Happy Thanksgiving

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PartyHappy Thanksgiving!Party

PS: Other Countries That Celebrate Thanksgiving:

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody.Party

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Remember to count all one's Blessings today

preferably starting with the smallest and most easily overlooked 

I am thankful poem


Happy Thanksgiving!


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                To all the Lottery Post staff , members &                         visitors. We have a lot to be grateful & thankful for . Start with the small things. Lovies

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Thank you Todd.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all LP members!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Party

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TurkeyThumbs Up

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Enjoy this Thanksgiving. Please be safe on the road and in the air.

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Happy Thanksgiving all.

My grandmother on my mother's side was from Italy, he first Thanksgiving in the U.S. she said, "What kinda a country is a this, make a such a bigga deal over some chickena's birthday?"

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Happy thanksgiving LP members.

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Thank you all👍🏾💝💖😍💘❤️🎉🎉🎉💐

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Happy Thanksgiving to all LP members and their families. 

To our GREAT soldiers stationed all over the world, Thank you for for protecting us and your sacrifice.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Thank you...

happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Think about all the things you are grateful for today. TurkeyTurkeyTurkey

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Be thankful for who and what you have in your life at any given moment it could change. Enjoy everyone and everything around you today everyone.  Happy Thanksgiving Approve.🦃

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving day to you too!


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Happy thanksgiving, everyone. It's my first thanksgiving in the United States, I love it!

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I haven't been celebrating turkey day for decades now.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting a big ole
supreme pizza for that day. 

(I actually had a big old perfectly cooked diner cheeseburger, with the best or 2nd best fries, and strawberry shake I ever had.)

Mr. Groppo

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