90-year-old ND woman lost $400K to Jamaican lottery scam — but she was paid back just $287

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Once the Money is Gone: It's hard to find it and Get It Back!


Stupidity always comes with a price.


These stories are always heartbreaking, but Lisa, Ron, Tim & Jeff are just as culpable. Posing for a family shot is mind blowing. Where were these concerned kids when their Mother was being fleeced? The old excuse " Mom wants her independence, so we leave her alone is BS" Out here l have a friend of a friend who said " My kids have dumped me off here in a retirement community, l only receive b'day & Christmas cards from them." They never check in on me. She ended with, "'They in for a rude awakening, l have a new will written up, all my wealth is going to animal shelters."Approve

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  Edna is 90 years old. That places her in The Greatest Generation. That generation is slowly disappearing.  They helped save the World from two-bit Dictators. 

 We are enjoying The Long Peace.

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It's a shame that Edna's sister will never get her money back because of her sister's INTENSE  need to be secretive for extended periods of time!


Gave away $399,713; what else is there to say?

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So, am I supposed to be saddened for the family's "loss" or what?
How could anyone let them themselves be hammered for so much?
Because it sounds like it was all a lie to begin with.

I don't think the article goes into any of the "how"   (a.i.i.w.)


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Yesterday A  Congressman were saying ,  how much elderly are scammed per year . 

As he was talking ,I remember a family member said , where her boss ,

were being scammed by foreigners . And officials were involved , didn't think

the boss wouldn't get his money back ... This took place over 10 years ago .

Family members should watch over there parents , so this doesn't happen !

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I Agree!

"she has been paid back only $287 of the $400,000 she's owed."

She gave away $400,000, but because the scammers were caught, it looks like she believes somebody owes her money. A few weeks ago, a couple of "homeless" people got into a fight over who owned the rights to the location where they could "beg" for money. Turns out, neither of them were homeless or indigent. Who do all the people that gave them "donations" talk to so they can get their money back?


I think Edna & other victims of scammers needs to come to the realization that giving money over to these lowlifes is " in some ways" no different than playing the lottery on a regular basis.

Folks have spent far more than $400,000 in their lifetime, and won hardly anything worth crowing about. Edna just happens to have the distinction of giving it over in large chunks, having been told " You HAVE Won!" If you foolish enough to write or wire checks to complete strangers- at least have the remaining residuals of common sense to not show yourself & family to the world & being called Suckers. I guess Edna & family forgot to " read the transcript "- which said " You were greedy, you loved sending money so get over it."

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I Agree!, but there is a huge difference in buying lottery tickets because "someone is going to win a huge jackpot and you can't win if you don't play" and winning a huge jackpot from a lottery you never entered.

Congratulations, you just won $10 million in a lottery you never entered. To collect your imaginary winnings, just give us you bank account numbers, any pin numbers or passwords and we will deposit the money into your account. 

Another option is calling from a throw-away phone and conning the mark into believing you're a really nice person only looking out for their best interests, but need say $500 to get the paperwork started. Once that is established, they could lose every dime they have.

My point is simple, it's easy to scam people our of various amounts of money and these con men got lucky and hit the jackpot. Other than getting power of attorney, not much kids, grandchildren, or whomever can do to prevent people from getting scanned.

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I Agree!.. but the larger picture l am painting is, in both instances " money is handed over." 
l watched a wildebeest migration on tv the other night. What was interesting was that these wildebeest counting into the hundreds of thousands would attempt to cross crocodile infested waters.

The crocs were in no hurry, they would let 30-50 swim by & then they would pounce. Some got away from those slashing teeth, others not. My point being: These scammers are like those crocs, waiting for an Edna to come along before they got the better of them. In hindsight, humans who are scammed are like those wildebeest: Humans who lose everything to these guys are looking for untold riches, the wildebeest- grassy pastures which await them across the river..


The biggest question is if she is 90 yrs old and already sitting on close to half a million, why did she feel the need at her age to increase her wealth? 🤔 That almost seems like greed and it cost her her life's savings. No one should take advantage of people, especially the elderly. But isn't there a certain level of responsibility on her part?

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Maybe she did it so her kids and grandkids would stop by and see her more. If she has any money left, bet now one or two of them are there every day.

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