Customer tips bartender with Powerball lottery ticket — and it wins $50,000

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Congratulations to Taylor Russey!  $50,000.00 before taxes will definitely begin the Season of Giving. I hope that she wins again very soon. 

 "Everybody is supportive". 


 The generous patron is probably quite pleased with himself. Hoping it will happen again.


 Now Taylor, become a good steward and you will be prepared for a big jackpot.


I live very close to where that ticket was purchased, maybe that's a good place to buy from?🤔

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I used to give out tickets, once in a while, and also indiscriminately, like the patron in this store did.
For me, anyway, this story is a good lesson, in what one might sacrifice so blindly.

People don't "have heart anymore".  I bet if this patron knew what he gave up, he'd hit such a serious depression he'd



.. and here l was, thinking why would Taylor not break out in a grin from ear to ear after picking up 50K without her putting a dime down? Get your grill fixed Taylor.


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Congrats to the Winner !

It's best to continue working with this amount of $$$$. 

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Taylor go buy a Powerball ticket ,and another....etc.No No

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I would never give a stranger lottery ticket. I would only give it to my wife knowing that if she hits I will get a little something something.


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This customer is no stranger Jack, he is a regular at this joint. No random acts of kindness from you Jack, always looking out for a little something something in return huh? Yawn

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Yup! I don't give lottery games as a gift or a tip.  That's how I roll.  To each there own.

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We're having spray in insulation put under the sun room floor Monday.   Pulling down the insulation there we noticed a board had rotted away and had to be replaced.   You don't walk on that area.   So two days ago walking in snow flurries there was some wood where they're building a house.   I asked the guys if I could have a piece.   Came back with the car and they put it in my Subie for me as it was too heavy to carry.   Turns out it happened to be subflooring!   My guys here put it in after 4 hours of hard labor.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.   Went and bought four PB sans PP to give to the workers down the street yesterday.   Tried giving two to one guy, he wouldn't take them.   They're English was not that good, but other guy took all four.   Last night the builder burned up all the scrap wood, so worked out fine.  Took the other piece we bought from Lowe's back for a credit this morning!


My bigger point is I enjoy doing things like that and one day someone I don't know will hit because of my generosity!

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Good for you.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Not to worry Jeff.

Some folk don't know how to pay it forward. No stopping to give gas to a stranded motorist or change a tire on the freeway: Unless the driver is a gorgeous single female,  blonde, wearing stiletto heels & having breast implants.No Nod

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