Wisconsin man, 24, claims $768.4M Powerball lottery jackpot

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Congratulations to Franco!  Good to see a young guy win.

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Congrats Franco !! Pretty good job on the Press Conference as well, for a 24 year old. Good to hear that you listened to the people that are close to you about the cash option. Have a wonderful life young man Thumbs Up


Thanks Todd for posting.


Wonder what he does (or did?) for work?


Wisconsin moving up in its ratings for selling winning Powerball tickets; Indiana better watch out or they'll lose their #1 berth!


Proposed Wisconsin Lottery Privacy Act.

In response to benjibanks

I agree!  Sounds like a nice enough guy with a good head on his shoulders--I wish him the best!

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Way to go! Congratulations!Party


For just a brief moment, l thought “Winone4me” actually won that jackpot. Wrong guy.

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Congratulations!  And what a very polished individual who seems comfortable on camera.  I think he would do well in anything.


Franco felt so lucky, he looked into the camera at the counter — and pondered winking at it. In the end, he did not.

I like this guy! And he really had some fun at the press conference.


Cool congrats another young guy wins. He saids that the ticket he bought with his girlfriend and checked together not a winner. But one of his 10 tickets he checked was the winner. This guy should do well ,seems smart with a good head on his shoulders

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Yeah, I don't know man, I don't know . . .

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Congratulations to Manuel Franco.  He is beginning his new life with money and his Attorney Andrew Stoltman. Will his girlfriend have a future with Manuel? 


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Manuel Franco said, "As long as he did not tell anyone that he had the winning ticket than they did not know".  Manuel kept quiet and helped himself.  I think he told trusted family and friends. 

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Music*, I bet she is waiting for just the right moment to pop the question.

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