$768.4 million Powerball lottery jackpot won by single ticket sold in Wisconsin

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PartyBest Wishes to the Winner(s)!Party


WTG New Berlin, WI

California did better than Powerplay winners this time around!


Just found two regular purchased tickets with #12 on them, each one worth $12 added to my big loss of $36 on-line so up to $60 in winnings.  Better than nothing I suppose.

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What a fantastic win for some lucky person/group. 

Here's to much enjoyment for many years to come Cheers

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Congrats to the winner(s).

There's always next time!

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The State of Wisconsin will collect its 7.65% state tax of $36,482,850 if the winner(s) take the lump sum cash value.

The IRS will collect up to 37%. That comes to $176,453,000

After taxes, the ticket holder will keep about $264 mil

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The New Berlin, Wisconsin PowerBall Winner of $768.4 million won't be able to Remain Anonymous!

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Isn't it funny that the draw numbers are out within 5 minutes after being drawn on mobile devices.

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They were posted on USA Mega by 10:05 last night.

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First time that Wisconsin has cracked the top 25 list..... Thumbs Up Kudos to them


Those small unknown cities really win!

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In response to rcbbuckeye

Actually, I posted the results live at 10:59 PM (Eastern Time) last night — both at USA Mega and at Lottery Post!

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Doesn't Wisconsin always win?


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In response to dpoly1

Everyone wins except for me dpoly!!!! 

baby crying

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In response to golfer1960

LOL Green laugh

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In response to wander73

Why exactly would I wait before publishing the results?  That would be rather strange.

In response to LottoLucy

.. and close to a large body of H2...0 Approve

Did l tell ya, or did l tell ya?

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In response to LottoLucy

Great job Sully!!

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The winner/s have 180 days to claim. Should the winner/s get their ducks all lined up before claiming? Can they remain in hiding until claiming? Congratulations to whoever won!!Party

In response to noise-gate

When I lived in Ohio I'd have no problem agreeing that a Great Lake state would win the PB jackpot as would anyone living in any of the 8 great lake states that includes New York. Are the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers considered "a large body of water"?

In response to Stack47

If you have to squint to see the other side, probably. We not talking Olympic size swimming pools.

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In response to noise-gate

welp, looks like pops is right again. or as he put it, "LOLCassie don't play PB Mega it's rigged, if only 1 single person winALL that money.


Gov't is makin' a killin' back easy, by 1 single personYes Nod winning, make no sense, so don't play it cassie. lol i think he's right, but i did buy 2 tickets

and 1 or 2 for mom. just odd 1 person when 100 + in MANY STATES can win at least FOUR #s with pb or mega ball, and or five numbers and still

IRS/GOV shall have PLENTY left over,Smiley

so i think dad has a point.



i do not play always this game,but good luck to those playing it, i only do it when it is a real high amount. G-night. 

Congrats to the ONE winner.

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"No, no no! It was NJ not WI, right?"

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Hang in there people.

So...  you didn't win this one.There will be other billion dollar jackpots!

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In response to TheMeatman2005


I sure hope so, I'm not getting any younger.
Just one million would do it for me (realizing that taxes woud be taken out).

This drawing could have had 700+  one-million dollar winners.
So, 700+ people might have bought a decent house, and car.

Mr. Groppo

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So.... Here's what I want to know....

Can the winner in WI claim through a Trust or LLC...meaning: the Name of the Trust or LLC is put on the Back of the Ticket?

I live in a non-anon state, and I am concerned about that particular rule, when it comes to claiming. 

If their Identity is spread out by the Lottery (as per the rules they put down to insure that "Real People REALLY DO WIN") 
then, that winner is basically a target by all the wolves and yahoos out there.

I've harped on this before.....and I know that most folks agree with me, despite saying in reply...

"Well....they should have went to an anon state to purchase that ticket!"
"If they didn't want to be exposed, they better not play."
"what's the problem? Just grin and bear'll be *alriiiiiiiiiight*"

Is the WI winner basically S-O-L when it comes to protecting their identity when claiming?

Because here's what I would do in that winner's situation

Get that Lawyer from New York (I think his name is Joshua Something, or if you can't get him, get a lawyer who will work for a flat rate, and do this.
----> Form 2 trusts, (or get two aged Shelf Trusts) where one collapes into the other. and get two Shelf Corp's
-----> Trust 1 is a receiving trust (lottery-office facing) that collects the money (minus taxes) (Trustee has to be a Shelf Corp, Beneficiary has to be the Bridge Trust)
-----> Trust 2 is the bridge trust (Receiving Trust Facing) (trustee has to be 2nd shelf corp, beneficiary has to be 1st shelf corp) 
and this bridge trust collapses into the 1st shelf corp.

But I'm not sure...Can a Beneficiary on the bridge trust, be trustee on the receiving trust?  I don't know....

But is this thinking all for naught, and the winner is SOL when it comes to protecting their identity from the public?

Maybe in WI it is.

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In response to viceroy2

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In response to viceroy2

I have been working on a chart for all the states.


Here is what I have for Wisconsin.


Not anonymous/cannot be claimed by other entities. "The original winning ticket must be signed by a single human being. For-profit and non-profit entities, trusts, and other non-human beings are not eligible to play or claim a prize." Source:


So trusts are not a option regardless of the counsel you hire.

In response to Todd

Naw they’re in sync.


I haven’t decided if I will play or not. Perhaps I should. Call me daffy duck it’s mine.

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