Winner of $1.5B lottery jackpot donates some winnings to Alabama tornado victims

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Releases like this one, from her attorney, sporadically and randomly timed... this should drive the "press" loco and encourage conspiracy theorists to weave a nice web.  I'm ordering extra popcorn and pretzels from the market so I can sit back and watch the fun.  :)

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Max- It could also be that our winner wants to get the word out there that she is " not a meanie" a hoarder of wealth.Nice touch. One past winner reminded us that he purchased a bicycle shop, because he loves cycling. 

On a side note: l gazed into my palantir this morning & saw a winner of this week's Powerball jackpot. 


These agencies know the $$$ is coming! Hopes it gets allocated correctly. Would create my own charity


She definitely has a good heart.  She also knows another big tax bill is looming and by helping others through her unselfish donations, cuts her tax burden down too.  In any case, she laid low to get everything done right and has an excellent team to work with.


I can see her donating $200k per charity. That is a generous amount which can do some good. 

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 $200K per charity is extremely conservative. There is no way she should run out of cash in her lifetime, no matter what age she is now. Sure, she can leave the lion’s share of her wealth to others: Children, cousins, friends, charities etc etc, but with the right investments- she will walk streets of gold, till casket or urn time. Should l pull this PB jackpot off, l see myself donating $50 mil easily- so should she MsB.Approve

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I can affirm that she definitely has a team giving her advice. Smooth Calculated response for media appeasement. A real mother theresa. 

She is doing this for one reason only. Her choice was taxed or give that taxed money to a cause. You can't keep it what will it be. ? She chose to donate. Doesn't make her a better or worse human either way. She simply used common sense since the govt isn't helping communities. The govt no doubt likes that she funded a cause so they don't have to. A wall is so much more important ...

Her money now...her choices. Meh.

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hmmph .......

its amazing how people feel about charities and how much the well heeled ought to contribute to any one of an infinite amount of charities,sheltersand related causes 


if she wishes to be a Miss/Mrs/Ms Scrooge, it is her right and most folks ought to mind thar own bleeping business Roll Eyes


It’s an opinion, you know what that is, don’t you? If you want to leave your wealth to feral cats, then that’s your opinion as well. Free speech DH.

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Further clarification: When l first arrived on this site back in 2012, you tried pulling rank on me. Just stop that BS, l have no time for it or you. Understood?

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I think creating your own charity is an admirable thing.  I used to think about starting my own charity as well. When I looked at what the time and especially the expenses were I decided I would rather donate money to a donor advised fund like the one at Fidelity Investments.  You still get the tax write off but someone else takes care of the day to day and most of your money goes towards the charities you pick.  I want to be generous AND foot loose and fancy free.  Lazy Lucy, that’s me!Wink

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For Clarification about Charities and tax deductions. When a donor donates money to a Charity and takes the tax deduction, that reduces the tax bill by a certain percentage. That is the Government allowing the funding of Charities. Right? It is an incentive to be generous toward certain causes. 

  501c3 comes to mind. That is the IRS code for authorized charities.


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You can take a deduction of up to 60% of your adjusted gross income for charitable cash contributions and 30% for appreciated securities.  That is a nice incentive.


Thank you LottoLucy for the advice.


There is a website that you can check into charities and it tells you how much of your donations goes to the site vs. Administrative costs.

One breast cancer charity who shall be nameless was paying their CEO $600K per annum.  It cost them dearly and rightfully so when this was outed.

My charities right now consist of four animals shelters, the Cleveland Clinic, and to an organization that helps impoverished families with medical bills from where I retired from.  When I win I will look up senior animal care centers too.   

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I guess everyone believes everything they hear.  This is not true at all.

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In response to hearsetrax

I agree 110%.  The ones who brag online and give an exact amount of how much they would give, are trying too hard to convince others that they are a good person.  A big red flag. The people who are quietly giving everyday are the true good people. 

We had an attorney in my office years ago who was constantly bragging that she was going to do this or that for a charity...grow her hair out and donate it to cancer victims, make sandwiches for some nearby homeless, etc.  She never did any of these things. And yes, she was not a good person on any level. It was an attention seeking device masking her own insecurity.

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In response to Bleudog101

Same thing about that St. Judes hospital. The main CEO gets over a million a year in salary. I am a big fan of the Salvation Army.

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In response to Artist77

Numbers are misleading.  Honestly,  do you really believe what the story is saying.  You do call yourself a lawyer.


I think the story is made up and to believe that a charity is getting something.  It doesn't sound right. 


Do you know anyone who has hit over a million and given to a specific charity?

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In response to Bleudog101

I’ve been using charity navigator but I am always open to someplace new if you have a good suggestion.  Like you I want my money to actually go to charity not big salaries.

As far as senior animals go, I’ve always thought it would be great to be able to donate large sums of money to agencies that do “meals on wheels” for seniors so they could also provide pet food and some basic medications for their clientele’s pets.  I know some places have programs like that in place but it would be great to expand on it.  No one should have to give up a pet because they’re down on their luck or immobile.

Good luck if you’re playing this week!

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In response to LottoLucy

They're all in it for the money, period. 


Notice, all the non profits are dc bound.  I think it's disgusting in our world what we all live around.

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In response to Artist77

Maybe I should stop playing the lottery and get a job as the CEO of a charity.  It might be easier.Wink

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Good for her, to donate some of her winnings, to [the] Alabama Tornado relief effort, for one.
This gives me yet another "dona-ee" to include in my list, previously disclosed.

Mr. Groppo

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In response to wander73

I don’t think Artist77 has ever said they’re a lawyer.

Why would they lie about this?  They could have never said a word and no one would have given it a thought. It isn’t like they need the extra attention.

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In response to LottoLucy

Non profits are already getting attention.   It's horrible that people are reading into this.


There are times when things written or said go over a few people’s heads. This is one of those times. There is a reason l ended my posted with Approve. Obviously what l wrote, went over so called intelligent heads. There is a word for believing everything you see & read- it’s called being gullible. Look it up- it’s fascinating.


I don't mind CEO's of charities to make six figures. At the end of the day it's WORK running an organization. However the more dough I give the more I want control over how the proceeds are spent. That's why initially i would give more conservative donations. It's ME who won the lottery not the charity. 

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Aw, i am happy she is doing this and at least we know it is a woman who won. Not sure age,

but god bless her. 

I sure would do same with:

-foster kids suffering in the system, that in so many cases don't care about them once in the abhorrent child protection "system."

-those suffering/and or in prison system, who can't seem to make bail for non-serious charges yet have to remain in jail at risk,rather than to fight their case from being free temporarily(again)for non-serious charges, i would help many in the system right now if i could."

-homeless(no one in U.S.A. should suffer from being at risk of losing a warm nice home in our country.

-Those who are elderly and are seemingly too often, forgotten, instead of enjoying their very last years on earth.Nice to read this today.Smiley


I think she has a good heart, as i am always told in the field of work i do, and those in my every day life, i know and or meet,

Smiley and hence, i am told GOD shall bless me 1 day for having such a great heart.


I smiled much reading this so more and many blessings for this anonymous lady who is doing something wonderful with her new-found wealth and fortune."



I am happy to hear about this, as so many were clearly affected and rip to the many who did not survive.

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A good friend of mine belongs to a Twitter conspiracy group that is currently discussing an FBI coup d'etat on the government. I'm not really into all the straw man arguments so I simply asked if it's true why weren't these people arrested or at least charged with a crime and that's when my friend shows how gullible they are.

That's when my friend points out that I watch "the Curse of Oak Island"; toucé.

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In response to LottoLucy

Correct. I used the word "attorney." Lol

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