Mega Millions tickets are selling so fast that unique number combinations are running out

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Hey, "You never know?" Worth the chance! Why not!


This is mind blowing; however, if I do not win tonight, I certainly will allow my mind to be blown by $2 BILLION on Friday. Lol. So, by Saturday I will be the world's first Billionaire Lottery winner. Who would have thunk it.


We will know if have a sole winners, a split jackpot, or a rollover by surely 6am east coast time.

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Just imagine if they suddenly decided to draw two thousand $1,000,000 winners instead. lol

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Here we go folks!

Good Luck To All!


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It all depends on what numbers are drawn and if a ticket contains those numbers.

There were 15 $1 mil winners last draw. There may be more since so many people are playing now.

Cross everything you can and hope for the best.

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The luck of the Irish to ya', dpoly1! Cheers!

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Todd is definitely going to be burning some midnight oil tonight!



Do we need to chip in and get Todd a new keyboard after this week??

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After this week he'll need a vacation too!

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I hope his insurance covers carpal tunnel syndrome, all of those hours on a keyboard are brutal on the ol' nerves!

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I wonder how many people are coming here from around the world to purchase Mega Millions lottery tickets, to try to win this enormous jackpot of at least $1.6 billion! Good luck Lottery Post members who have purchased Mega Millions lottery tickets! Just $2 and a dream!

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OK, so I feel that there's going to be a winning ticket or two, or ten, or more, this evening, but already
I can feel it's not going to be mine    Unhappy

Good luck to the rest of you.

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I'm going out on a limb and predicting I "WON'T" win the MM jackpot tonight.  Now tomorrow night.... another story?  lol

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Green laughSomeone better tell Delaware!


Dream is over babeh


How many winners other than SC tell me

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4:25 am and the main website is not calling the final results. Delaware already has the amount at 2billion. If claimed by one ticket holder that is a whoppin amount for South Carolina!

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If someone won in SC, it wasn't me. I played in OH and PA.


It's 4:33 AM and Mega Billions can't say if there is a winner but reports false alarm winners in South Carolina and Tennessee . Hope this is not a rig or fix in place .

I'm not checking my tickets until they say a winner or not .


2 billion Friday if no winner good luck to all

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False alarm?

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so you haven't checked to see if you have won anything? that seems counter intuitive to getting results with your own eyes


I hear a LP member hit jackpot. There a few people on here from SC. That where the jackpot got hit. I maybe wrong.

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Where’d you hear that?


Congratulations South Carolina big single winner and the 36 one million dollar winners across the country.

I'm not playing MM until it pass a billion again.

Too confusing to get results quickly


I hope few people from Michigan win 1 million. That I know the person that won in Michigan.

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There may be other winners.  Some states don't post results until Mega Millions post.  If a state like CA can post all of them can.

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Mega posted 1 winner.

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Thanks I didn't check them.  Was over on USAMega waiting for the update.

Hope one of my relatives or friends got it!

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