Winning N.J. lottery ticket worth $1 million expires Friday

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Since the Ticket was obtained along the Turnpike: the Person could be from another State...

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LP Staff and Todd Northrop, this could be one of you guys!

Group Hug

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What a shame the winner has missed the prize.


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Why do people buy tickets if they're not going to check them? SMH No Nod

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Landfill: The great inheritor.

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The headline had me ready to check my box of losers, then read where the ticket was need to do that !

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For record-breaking Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots, I kind of understand the lackadaisical mentality. Spending a few dollars for a dream with no real intent of winning.

However, for regular size jackpot drawings, I don't understand it. And even less so yet for Cash4Life, which has a set top prize that doesn't grow along with very easy to win lower tier prizes. Why would anyone buy a ticket for such a game and not check it. Doesn't make sense.

In this instance, if the winner never comes forward, I don't have much sympathy. They've had nearly a year. Players have a responsibility to check their tickets. Not difficult, especially with every U.S. lottery having a website, most newspapers still publish lottery results, plus various third-party sites, such as Lottery Post.


Although I can't speak to the winner in this case, I can give an example of how this might happen from personal experience.

Last week I brought two FL Lucky Money (i.e. Powerball-lite) tickets to claim at a grocery store.  One ticket was a $3 winner the other ticket was a winner for a free ticket.  The cashier cashed both tickets and asked me if I wanted the $3.  I asked for more tickets.  I completely forgot about the free ticket that printed out at the terminal.  The cashier gave me the new ticket I purchased while the validation printouts below it covered up the free ticket that printed out earlier.  The last thing I remember was the cashier grabbing the validation slips for the tickets and throwing everything away...likely including the free ticket. 

Obviously this could have been an attempt by the cashier to steal the ticket, but I've seen this cashier many times and when I told her about it yesterday, she was genuinely sorry and offered to buy me a ticket. I declined.  If the free ticket was a winner, it is long gone in the landfill by now.

Thankfully nobody won the jackpot for that drawing so I can sleep easy.  Also, I learned to be more careful with my tickets.


Time to check the glove box or the many places you could inadvertently place and forgot about a ticket.

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Yea like the NJ lottery really wants someone to find the ticket.  LOL  Give me a break.

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l wonder if unclaimed prizes across the US, end up going to education, to benefit the kids? Out in CA they do.


I know this is not the place for this but i need help from Todd and nice people here.

I used to play Hot Lotto till Tipton fiasco. Now it's Lotto America which they promised Machine Draw ball .

But i can't seems to find the draws anywhere online. No video of a single draw anywhere. So why MUSL put up a video on their website like how Luckyforlife does on their website. If powerball draw video is online why not LOTTO AMERICA.

Or they are still using the RNG is that why they don't show any video of the draw on Youtube or anywhere else. May be am just being paranoid  but after Tipton issues i don't want to waste my 1 or 2$ on a draw that i can't see lol.


If any of you can help that will be great. Thank you, bless you



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