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Ohio Lottery's annual profit exceeds $1 billion for the second year

Jul 17, 2017, 9:22 am

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Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery reported a $1 billion profit for the second year, bolstered by high sales of two games, Keno and EZPlay QuicKeno.

Ticket sales of $3.05 billion were $59 million less compared to the last fiscal year, according to unaudited numbers for the year. But much of the prior fiscal year's increase was due to a record-setting $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016.

Financial details will be presented today at the lottery commission meeting.

By law, all lottery profits go to the Ohio Department of Education's Lottery Profits Education Fund.

The lottery has provided $23.4 billion to the education fund since its inception.

The lottery has been working to boost instant-ticket sales. The scratch-off games are the agency's dominant product, sold at vending machines, convenience stores and other spots. They historically have provided at least half the lottery's sales.

According to the lottery, instant ticket sales of $1.56 billion were $34.4 million lower than last fiscal year. 

Revenue from the video lottery terminals at the seven racinos was $310.4 million, an increase of $19.34 million. However, in the prior fiscal year, racino revenue increased $32 million.

Here are sales of the lottery's games for the year ending June 30 and how they compared to the prior year. 

Pick 3: $339.5 million, decline of $3.4 million

Pick 4: $201 million, increase of $695,300

Pick 5: $38 million, increase of $1.6 million

Rolling Cash 5: $55.3 million, decline of $4.9 million

Classic Lotto/Kicker: $31 million, decline of $4.6 million

EZPlay: $120 million, increase of $5 million

EZPlay Tab: $30 million, decline of $1.4 million

EZPlay QuicKeno (new): $16.2 million

Keno/booster: $396 million, increase of $30 million

MegaMillions/Megaplier: $93 million, a decrease of $9 million

Powerball/Powerplay: $130 million, a decrease of $64 million

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