N.C. woman hits Cash 5 jackpot for second time

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 Love to see Happy Winners!!Big Smile Congratulations Lisa Williard.

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Don't Stop Now: Try for a Third Win!

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Congrats and keep on playing Smile

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Very cool

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Congratulations Lisa.... I wish Oklahoma had a game like that.

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CONGRATS! to her. A short comment-Pick 5 games are the best odds to win jackpots. Wi. average is about 100 jackpots won per year for the Badger5 5/31 game (daily draw).


This is it American Indian, we need to win too!  Congratulations on her second jackpot and good head on her shoulders.

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Congrats Lisa, enjoy. Party

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Wow that is amazing!

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In response to sam9009

I Agree!


she must live in a Mansion what happen with the first win must of been the down payment


It's always good to buy more than one quick pick.

In response to ronki

Unfortunately too many lottery winners just blow their winnings.  With the first win she probably gave some money to family, took vacations, and bought more lottery tickets, everything but pay off bills.

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