Custodian wins $2M scratch-off lottery ticket

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What a super holiday season for him and his family! That is a great story...$100,000 x 20! WTG!!




Thanks for posting this uplifting story. 


Lucky fellow has 11 months 'til retirement and a nice kickoff already.


LOL "just" $100K? Imagine his surprise had he taken the ticket to claim thinking it was still "just" $100K!

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Congrats to the winner ! Glad he won it !!!!


Well congrats to that guy ,, He found the golden ticket (One of 3 winners out there) while all I have gotten from that game is 90% losers

Must be nice though to get a prize like that especially before holiday's

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs,Dave Martinez Spend Wisely BananaHurray!Party

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 the custodian cleaned up! LOL

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In response to music*

good one Green laugh

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Congradulations    Merry Merry Christmas.   That'll buy a lot of presents.

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Very cool, my day is coming


Congrats, nice holiday blessing.  Spend it wisely.

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I bet his days of swabbing decks are over!
(its a Navy thing)

Congrats to the Winner!


No more cleaning rich kids' <snip>

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