Illinois woman loses out on $50K lottery ticket after buying it with drug money

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From what I understand from the article, he was the drug dealer not her.  I don't agree with the State.  What if your brother was a drug dealer and you won some money in the lottery?  Could the State take it saying you could have bought the ticket using your brothers money?  I'm one who thinks that the government; from time to time, oversteps its authority.


Why do stuff like this always seem to happen in ILLINOIS? Totally messed up.

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Like the saying goes....."If you play with fire, eventually, you will get burned."

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

I agree. our government is full of criminals. funny you never hear
about politicians having to give back "dirty" campaign funds.

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Chicago influences the entire State of Illinois.

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Stupid is as stupid does

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To put it mildly it's " guilt by association." Remember the other couple " Hot Sauce etc? Things could've turned out the same way had there been a raid on their house & he ran off at the mouth about a winning ticket Ligb.

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i am agreeing.

and from what i hear in the news it was not even her, but the guy she was with so i don't get it 




Glad she trying to take it as high as supreme court. i would too."

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Is that a former gf of Hot Sauce? Then he moved up to a bigger lottery winner? Lol

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Wow the government jacked the drug dealers.

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Was she a drug dealer or just his girlfriend?  Guilt by association?  Who cares if she knew he sold drugs?  I don't condone that activity but think about this... You live in a house with your family, your brother is selling drugs and your not.  You win a million in the lottery and the next day the cops bust into your families house and arrest your brother for drug dealing.  They confiscate your lottery winnings because you "could" have purchased that ticket with your brothers drug money. 

This whole situation sucks.  Where do we draw the line?  The cops need to prove that ticket was purchased with drug funds... If they can't then...

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It says the ticket was "mostly likely" bought with drug money. By that reasoning, it was "mostly likely" the food in their fridge was bought with drug money also. Did they seize the food? "Mostly likely" not. Sounds like a money grab. You say, no.

Imagine this. You hit a $10 straight on the P3. You cash the tickets, the store puts the cash in a paper bag for you. On the way home, you get pulled over. Cop sees the bag...Hey, what's in the bag? You tell  him. He calls BS. You don't have a receipt.  Do you think you'll see it again?  If you do, it  won't be for quite awhile.

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And the lawyer you have to hire will cost more than 10K to get your money back.


The fact that somebody can just state that "most likely" funds from illegal ventures were used and bar you from your windfall is screwed up.


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