Georgia couple claim $246.8 million Powerball jackpot

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Congrats to the winners!

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How can someone not check their PB ticket the very next day?  Good thing they didn't "laundry" it.

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I started skimming through the article as I usually do and saw this:

"The ten Broekes, who have been married five years and have one child..."

I thought "How can there be ten of them when it's just the couple and an only child?"

Made me go back and re-read the rest of it. Embarassed

I wonder how they pronounce their name? "Bro-ek-ee"? However they do, it's probably not pronounced "broke", not now.


Sounds like a Dutch name to me; like Brooklyn, Dutch for Broken Land.

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In response to mikeintexas

Oh mike!  LOL. See Ya!

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In response to LottoAce

I Agree!


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Congrats, life will never be the same

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I always try to remember(if i play 2.00 PowerBall the same evening or next morning.


but great to see when some win this game. I don't play it often.Better odds winning pick 4 etc. + 3pik

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

I'm with you. If I buy one, I check it as soon as the results are up and at the very latest the next morning. What?

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In response to mikeintexas

Yeah, then I started getting suspicious about the name after going back to it and before scrolling down to see the

photo...I thought..Ben = Hundreds, ten = $$ too, broke = no money..I thought Skeptical did they make that up?? but 

their picture is there with the gigantic check with the gigantic win. Can't hide now.

That is exactly what I thought...10 of them? 5 years? 


WTG to them!!!

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Congratulations William & Heather Spend Wisely Party

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With a last name like Ten Brokes, it won't take long for hot sauce to find them.  LOL


Catchy phrase...especially hot sauce.


A friend in Atlanta said that is a rich area where the quik pik was sold; Buckhead.


William owes the wife Bigtime. What's the old saying " behind every successful man is a woman? "...or do I have it wrong? Nevertheless. .Party

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