Second lottery win in 2 weeks worth $1M for Missouri woman


Lucky lady, that's what you are.

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Congrats to her and her family!! How awesome!


Pure awesomeness.

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Congratulations Mrs,Doris Danielson Party

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 Great Grandmother Doris Danielson from Strafford, Missouri should play MM & PB. She is on a winning streak after all.


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Congrats, Lucky woman that's for sure.

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Right time and right place x 2

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Wow. That woman is very lucky!

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I have a feeling it's not over for her they say everything happens in 3's Dance

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Lucky AND smart....if the luck is with you, a good gambler knows to ride it... ( and sit out the can't win for crap

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Let's hope so; she seems like she is so deserving of another lottery win!

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I Agree! $1M ain't enough Dance

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