Connecticut men charged with rigging machines in lottery scheme

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 GREED. There are probably more cheaters than those listed. 

 Great work was done by the Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division!


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Look @ the common denominator as far as last names go.

With crimes like this I wish restitution/probation was the only punishment.  Probation for like five years, mess up get the full sentence.

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Common denominator huh Bleudog?

Hmmm- as Walter White would put it " Say My Name! "-  Go ahead & Do It, what are you waiting for, say the name- Do it!

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 Of course, the name is "Patel". Most veteran LP members know this already. Angry

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@ Patel  Thud


Here we go again. Same ol' crap featuring the usual suspects. That name must be cursed or at least synonymous with sticky fingers.


Three three three, that's where I want to be.


IN may bump out NJ as the can't lose state as someone won $1 million on Powerball last night.


This morning dog and I went to the lottery machine to play Powerball vs. doing it @ home.  The numbers she spit out look pretty darn good to me.


First 3/4 names are Indian and the last 2/3 names are Bangladeshi


My exact thought! Greed.

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The Indian shop owners are very suspicious and greedy. They do not mind cheating 

our system but try and 'cheat' them. I bought something that was rung up higher than

what was on the shelf, questioned it and she said no its the higher price...I said no, its 

that price on the shelf, she said no..I said I don't want it then....she ripped price off the

shelf and said ok, ok, ok.....that isn't the first bad experience with those kinds. They are

shifty, greedy and underhanded. Lots of Patels in the news concerning lottery. No Nod

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'They' own many Subway sandwich shops and Best Westerns in my experience.  One BW in Massachusetts had so much chlorine you couldn't breathe in the pool area.  It was a no brainer why  no one was in there.

In Louisville, KY @ a restaurant a Black man was the cook there and wife worked there as well.  One of the Patel types brother kept harassing the guys wife.  He told him to stop, didn't.  Went to the relative/manager of the restaurant and told him to have that guy stop.  Still didn't.  Guy went out and got a gun; luckily he didn't shoot the harasser.  Going to have to find out if they  arrested the Black guy or not, he was wanted.


Too bad you didn't drop the item on the floor and accidentally step on it.  But two wrongs don't make a right.  You just don't go there anymore and put it on social media.


I Agree!

Bluedog, it don't matter who they cheat, I was in sales for quite a while and was trying to get a Hotel chain as a client. worked with the top dog and he wanted a deal that I would charge the rest not Him a different rate and he would get a kickback,,,referral fee,,, from the others...all the others were Indian also but it didn't matter, what is good for him is all they care....I refused to do business with any of them anymore... even though it was a large part of my market. I was very fair with my customers is as so much I showed them what I was making off of them as my fee...I rather do business with Arabic, Pakistani any Islamic or Muslim before I would deal with Indian....I am not a prejudice person but when you keep on screwing me I learn. I will retract this statement if things change and I have someone show me I am wrong, I have dealt not only with a couple of indians but Hundreds....Never changedBash

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That Black man turned himself in; I wish  he'd  sue  that blankety blank for harassment against his wife.  I've heard  horror stories of folks working with the India  Indians, once they learn the tricks of the  trade you are shown the door.  I'm sure there's a bunch of pyramiding going on too. 


Anyhow djPowerball1234 hope  your numbers come in.


How about we all stop being racist and Zenophobic


There is too much drama and hate in the world already....


We are all one is infallible.


Tipton is are we not calling out all Caucasians as rotten

Every race, gender, religion, nationality has bad apples

Let's do better people

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