With $63M jackpot expiring today, Calif. Lottery sued by owner of damaged ticket

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He can't win this, the state is salivating over the win.

The state doesn't pay taxes on the win...isn't that nice ?


Is there video of him buying tix at the right time ?


Weird...the upper part of the ticket looks like the face of an animal...anyone else see that ?

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I would think the lottery would have some kind of document retention policy under which they would hold on to all paper documents (including this damaged ticket) for a certain length of time before scanning/destroying them.  Strange that the lottery would immediately destroy paper documents.

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I've had lottery tickets end up looking like after setting on a hot dash board in my truck but I would think with the paper roll numbers still in tack and tests for heat sensitive paper they could come up with a better explanation.


Lol all of em are criminals cheers guys :DDDD


I mean all the officials of lottery are paid criminals

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Looking at that ticket, there's no way he can win this. The exception being, they could verify the date/time with camera footage. Sad. Interesting. WTF did he do to the ticket?! They tell you to keep those things in safe places.


His numbers are out of order, is that possible?

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In response to haymaker

It is unfortunate for the claimant. I read elsewhere on here, that he was a prisoner of some sort.
Anyway, it looks like the ticket was in his fading jeans, and got the ticket all messed up.

I don't know. I just dont know. If the ticket is not awarded, there is going to be some lotto player
in need of psychiatric help.  And, rightfully so, even though they should have taken better care of their ticket.




Don't let the above scenario happen to you.    Always take care of your tickets.  Don't just shove them into your pockets.
We should all see from this, that it will cause a lot of heart ache.  But, can any of us really tell, if the ticket is valid, AND if the claimant is really telling us the truth?

Whenever I get my tickets, I put them in my lotto envelope. That way, they never get lost, and are fairly well protected.

Most unfortunate situation.

I am really sorry if the claimant does not get his prize. That's 60 million+.   I am so sorry for them, if the California Lotto's final word on this situation is "no go".


As the old Peter, Paul and Mary song would go 'when will they ever learn?' 

Don't blame the CA lottery one bit; looks like it was left on a dashboard or some other area of high heat.


He doesn't deserve one thin dime and to wait this long?  Something is fishy here.

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In response to Bleudog101

I agree, but also agree with Mr. Todd who's just stated that he finds it unusual that the Calif. Lottery would immediately destroy the ticket that they do now have.

Still, to the claimant:  Why did you wait so doggone long?

I would have been shaking, trembling with fear with that ticket in my possession, keeping it in pristine shape, until I was to get my check. But look at the doggone thing now. Looks like it came out of someone's poop shute.

I am truly disturbed about this situation, today. And, I don't know whom I should believe.
I wish ALL people would just do the right thing. And to do it when they should do it.

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I saw that, too! I havent seen a ticket with out of order numbers. Ive never played SuperLotto Plus, so I dont know if maybe their tickets can do that,  but that did strike me as odd that the 33 was before the 30.


At least with the " Shroud of Turin" you can make out a shape - this is plain guesswork .With our State fiscal Budget crisis-  I seriously doubt he will get a penny. The State lottery want you to produce a ticket if you claim you won, not something that requires carbon dating. Sorry Sir.

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I've been playing the Mega Millions and the Powerball game for years now and never had a lottery ticket in such bad shape. I seen some red serial numbers on this ticket that were backwards, so I took a mirror and could read 863255934. I don't know if these numbers can be traced back to the winning ticket but it's just an idea. Well, in just a few hours, it looks like the schools of California will win on this one. Personally, I think that the jackpot of some $63 million should have been put back into the SuperLotto Plus game.


Are these numbers supposed to be his chosen numbers or a Quick Pick ??? Both types would have been printed out in numerical order.  Right ??

In any case, this ticket is too damaged to reconstruct.  He shouldn't wasteattorneys' fees trying to fight this losing battle.

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