Lottery veterans question Tennessee family's behavior before claiming Powerball winnings

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How do you expect to request privacy and the first thing you do is go to the TODAY show and now every Tom, Dick and Harry knows where you live?? The vultures will be out in no time! Remains to be seen but they absolutely made a mistake going to the media. At the end of the day it's their choice to make.

No Pity!

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Honestly,I do not see anything wrong with Tennesse Jackpot winners!

They wanted to use the opportunity to be well known people in the globe.They knew the whole World was asking one question "Who are the most luckiest People on earth?"

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Amateurs. Uninformed amateurs. We may witness the next Jack Whitaker/Billie Bob Harrell.

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They honestly think they are going to be able to keep their jobs?! Look at what happened to Brad Duke; and he didn't win nearly as much money as they did.


Good luck to these people.   They may want to consider getting a different attorney.  Lol.


I agree, broadcasting this to the world may only bring heartache and misery. Money doesn't really buy you happiness, rather buys you freedom. That freedom may be unnecessary  hampered.


Oi! They need to dump that attorney asap and get some real advice. Call up WE or Caprock or one of the other no-commission, non-bank affiliated, non-investment house affiliated Family Office firms. You are in the big leagues now folks, you don't want to use the lawyer that helped with Nana's will or the one that you used to sue the doctor that screwed up the operation on your crotch. You need a senior partner in one of the big top nationwide firms.

And I get that going to work is what you've always done but really it isn't worth your time anymore. Ultra conservatively invested you both essentially have a $1700/hour job forever. And reasonably invested there is no reason you can't bring in 2x or 3x that amount. Is your time better spent planning, educating yourself, and executing that or spending your day at whatever $20-25/hour job you had before you won? I know this country fetishizes the idea of lazy good for nothing rich people who only exist to be taxed but properly running a fortune the size of the one you now have is more then enough work for a person. And it can be very good, emotionally rewarding work at that.

Personally I'd love to create jobs for all my friends and family. Sure I'd be out to make more money but if I could do that while at the same time providing good jobs with great pay and benefits to folks I know I'd find that very rewarding.

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A cry for attention from Them and the CEO of Tn,,she wants all she can get.If all of the US knew what she was doing to Tn people she wouldnt be very liked at all.She is hated here.She is a crook and scamming bad person.

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In response to travelintrucker

The Uninformed should at least have a GOOD ATTORNEY.  Unhappy


Yikes! That whole situation sounds like a disaster.


Attorney gave them some bad advice. How soon before Joe Townsend and his daughter Eileen end up with most of the Robinson's money?

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What lawyer never heard of claiming a huge lottery win thru a trust?  They need to fire him and get another lawyer with common sense.  They need to move and get unlisted numbers.  They can forget privacy, normalcy after announcing to the world they just won the lottery.


What's up with that lawyer anyway?

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These people hired a lawyer and followed his advice which proves even if you hire a lawyer you still have to do some of the thinking yourself.

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Their attorney is nuts

NOT the way to stay out of the "limelight"

Hit With Stick

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In response to Stack47

Yea, I fully understand your point and you are right - they can do what they want.  It is just sad when they put their trust in an attorney and then this happens.  Hoping for the best for them. 

And I also am VERY interested to know if they went to work today? 

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The lawyer messed up as I barely remember what he looks like as I was looking at his daughter the whole time. I barely remember the Robertson's also. Hmmm maybe he is a genius. LOL

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How would you know if they went to work today? I live very close to them.

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I always feel pity for naive winners who choose to stand in front of a gaggle of reporters and hold a press conference, but watching this trainwreck on Friday was downright painful. This might just be the worst lawyer on the planet. The level of stupidity is off the charts here. At least the other dummy, the one bailing out her drug-dealing bf, is stupid in the name of love. 

Friday's spectacle was the pilot episode in a saga that will run for many years to come. You can expect a falling out with the idiot lawyer, problems at work, turmoil in the small town, and a spotlight on everything they do. And they can forget about privacy. They will be besieged by people wanting handouts. 

It's Jack Whitaker all over again, but with social media and hackers thrown in the mix for extra chaos.



i know who the winner is in Ca, she is a black female and have great people behind her doing things the smart way.


They need to fire that lawyer ASAP. If I said I wanted privacy and my lawyer brushed that aside to boost the career of him and his child who just happens to be a writer for a local magazine, with the claim that the American public wants to know about me, he'd be out the door with a quickness. Seriously, this family should've hired someone who'd worked with big lottery winners in the past, not this sleazy ordinary joe.

In response to sirbrad

like anyone cares if you have the hots for the lawyer's daughter. same post on three threads. and by the way i didn't play.

In response to camcomr

This font is too small to read !!  I had to magnify to 150% !!!

In response to camcomr

If the font is too small, it's not worth the reading.  Skip it and read the next comment in line.

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Looks like they are trying to stay anonymous with that font. LOL I doubt they know the winners. Black girls win all the time, and usually it never ends well. LOL So it is easy to predict that. I can see the font OK but I have a 33 inch LED for my PC and a 55 Inch for my TV. Maybe it is her posting who won you never know. LOL

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In response to Suzy-Dittlenose

It wasn't worth reading regardless of the font size. It's just one more internet user crawling out from under their bridge.

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I have a question.  Why didn't they just form a trust to claim the prize like the previous powerball winner from Tennessee?  I didn't think Tennessee lottery winners could remain anonymous, but last year, someone from Tennessee formed a trust to remain anonymous.

In response to rundown99

it's more or less answered in the title of this thread. "lottery veterans question tennessee family's behavior before claiming powerball winnings". although filthy rich, they're not about going to win the first briliancy prize in a chess tournament if they played in one. it seems they fell for a unscrupulous lawyer who wanted gain some fame and fortune and talked them into not doing that. form a trust that is.

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