Tennessee couple claims share of $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot


Why even play, good luck going back to work.  Give your jobs up to people who need them and enjoy

whatever life you have left.  If You still want to work then do something that will add more jobs for the

rest of us.  I just don't get some people, do something with it or give it all away to you favorite charity.

I really hope they change their minds after a couple weeks because they will most likely have to go into

hiding to get away from everyone asking for money.   


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Skeptical well I wish them tons of luck and happiness


they are going back to work? why did they bother to play a lottery of this magnitude? they are going to be despised by their co-workers. those are 2 jobs that someone who needs them could have. hopefully their employers will show them the door on monday. these people are nuts personified. i hope they are hounded, harrassed, vilified every day. no one can defend their decision.

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This. I shake my head at people who say this nonsense. I agree with you, why are they even playing? It seems like everyone who wins wants all of america to believe that the money will not change them and they will remain normal. It sounds good to say but not realistic. I personally feel if you're not ready for the attention and harassment you're going to get then don't play.

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I Agree! 1 MILLION percent!!!

I was screaming at the computer when I watched the TODAY interview and the wife said she was headed back to work.  Work is the LAST thing they need to be doing with this amount of money.  They will learn VERY quickly that 'they can't return to work' and it has already started with the press going to her work. 

Whats the over/under for when they bail on work and enjoy the money?

I got Tuesday!

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it's going to be monday. no way can wherever they work accept them back. it will be way too distracting for the business to operate with these 2 clowns employed there. maybe the dog or daughter can find work but i doubt it.

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I really hope they change their minds after a couple weeks because they will most likely have to go into

hiding to get away from everyone asking for money.   

I Agree!

Lawyer could have done a trust or something not just throw them to the wolves like he did.

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Although I wish them well, here's what they don't know but will soon learn;

It's hard for the super wealthy to know who their real friends are. All kinds of folks hit on you for money and deliver false pretenses on a regular basis. Charities hit you up like you were the prettiest girl at a ball otherwise filled with horny young males. 'Relatives' you never had approach you from nowhere. Old school non-chums want to reacquaint.

There is an old saying that the rich person in any family is despised. Many relatives don't understand why the wealth of one family member can't easily be shared to solve all their problems. It doesn't matter how much you do or don't give people, it won't be enough. G5


they are all so overweight so maybe they could start a diet workshop or gym business. even the dog is overweight.

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I Agree!

Lisa asked the press to stop visiting her place of employment — a doctor's office.

Maybe in her excitement she isn't looking at the big picture. If she does go back to work, every day she'll have to deal with probably hundreds of people looking for handouts.


he's a warehouse supervisor. imagine working under him and taking orders from someone with 300 million in his pocket. i couldn't. i'd want to put arsenic in his lunch. she works for a dermatology doctor. i hope people call up and make appointments and then not show up resulting in her getting shown the door. if i hit the lottery the first thing i would do is buy both business's and can both their fat behinds.

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Congrats to John and Lisa Robinson on their Power Ball win. I don't blame Lisa for asking the press not to come where she work. She work in a Doctors Office. The other people in her office are co- workers & ill patients that don't need the extra drama.Party

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i agree. except for the congrats part. one way to get rid of the drama would be to get rid of her which i'm sure they will.


Yes these winners are moronic wanting to go back to work.

I can think of about 10,000,000 other things I'd rather do with my life than work if I won a jackpot.  I'd have to get to work fixing my problems which I'd estimate would take two years, but once I was done with that, it would be time to have fun.

I think being incredibly dumb is a requirement to win & that's probably why I'm not winning. LOL

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Could be classic BS- saying you " going back to work." I mean the reason people play the lottery is to quit getting a cheque for the 9 to 5 daily grind. These folks are saying we " need that cheque ".. Like ...why?


Congrats to the Robinsons!!

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I wish these people and the other 2 jackpot winners who yet to claim the mega jackpot the best of luck. With that said and the good wishes out of the way.....

The Robinsons told "Today" that their attorney advised them to go on national TV first as a way of controlling the story.

Then I read some more.........

"Lisa asked the press to stop visiting her place of employment — a doctor's office." I don't understand the Lawyer......without even claiming the jackpot first they fly to New York City and show the winning ticket to the whole world first......

Also, I don't care what the TN lottery or media reporters say you can hide who you are here.......... It's possible in this state.(I have done the research beforehand in this state many years ago and none thing has changed.....)

That media statement is wrong Todd and here is proof with link after link.

"The identity of the lucky winner or winners will remain anonymous as the winnings were claimed in the name of a revocable trust."

"The $144.1 million ticket, purchased at Hobson Tobacco and Beer, 2216 Hobson Pike in Antioch, was claimed by the Avondale Revocable Trust."

"Not much is known about Avondale Revocable Trust. The communications director for the Tennessee Lottery says it is not a business, there was only one winner and they are located in the Nashville area." -I mean for gods sake there is no name even on press story report from the lottery own website.

This winner exists folks. Don't tell me you can't be anonymous in this state with  a person  who just did it months ago with the same state lottery!

The recent Powerball winner right before them claimed the jackpot anonymously in TN. I dare anyone here to find out who they are, I beg any of you with such blind faith in the media to just try and report back your findings to prove me wrong!

Anyway, back to the story, this lawyer is a complete and total moron.

The Anonymous recent Powerball winner in TN taken nearly a full month to come forward. (They taken their sweet time and did it right!) This clown of a lawyer had them come out in record time before even claiming the jackpot prize.

This is beyond dumb now. This whole story should go down as "how not to claim a mega large jackpot" And also, she wants to keep her job? really?

Will honey now that everyone in the world knows you won. There is no normal work life for you anymore.

She will have walk-ins begging for some handouts in the whole wide area coming to see her.

All this media attention is 100% on them and that stupid beeping lawyer they trust.... Just cause he has a law degree does not mean you should do whatever he tells you.

This lawyer has ceased real damage. I need to calm myself down now.

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Yes Congratulations to the Robinsons!  I just watched the video of them on The Today Show and they seem like a very down to earth family.  Granted their attorney is not too bright but I'll assume they got him from their tiny town of 6000 peeps so you'd have to forgive them for making that error.  In the interview they state that it was their Attorney's Idea to go on a National Television Show. They will unfortunately probably live to regret that decision as that is obviously a dumb idea. The idea has always been to keep your profile as low as possible not raise it thru the clouds and appear on National TV! But too late now!  I was watching the video and I was shocked that John had his ticket just sitting in is shirt pocket as he pulled it out and showed it to the world.  They always say you should put it into a safe deposit box until you're ready to head to the Lotto HQ which they said they were going to right after that interview.  Ideally he already signed it so that would have saved him had he lost the ticket.  They can forget even doing a Trust since the video is online and will be there forever.  Small town people doing it the small town way (trusting the world a bit too much) but hey it's their money and their lives so we can only hope that nothing bad happens to them and that they do good things with their massive amounts of millions.

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In response to noise-gate


Before multi-state games the Illinois lottery had a $43M winner from Chicago. He worked as a printer and said he was going to keep his job. That didn't last long at all.

He eventually bought two bowling alleys.

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CNN had another lawyer come on for a 2nd opinion and he just said what I was already thinking. I'm not over reacting here folks. This lawyer a Half-wit 



(Note CNN  news reporter is wrong about the state law of TN. Reporters repeatingthe same BSover and over without checking the facts. )


Also, see if you can notice something odd about who is in photo:

"All smiles: The Robinson, right and center, appeared on the Today show along with their daughter Tiffany, left, their lawyer Joe Townsend, second right, and Mr. Townsend's daughter Eileen, second left "


Noticed it yet?

Why in the hell is the Lawyer's freaking daughter Eileen with them during their trip to New York city to go on the news?

She was also at their state lottery press conference.


In response to AbsolutelyFun

My apologies. You are right.

I believe I misread the news: Eddie Tipton was involved in rigging "random number generators" and not ball games like Powerball and Mega Millions. 

The Robinson happened to be from Munford where Eddie Tipton is from. Coincidence I guess.


Stupid Stupid Stupid goes to show you that small town not always means smart. Sorry this couple just ruined their lives, their daughters life and the life of any immediate friends. Sorry but this goes into the books that says what not to do when you win the lottery

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Don't judge, Tiffany is going to need new friends to help her spend daddy's money, Eileen is just helping out Green laugh

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Well you"ll never know. The Toothbrush was invented in Tennessee. If it was a different State it would of been called the Teethbrush.

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Jeez. These people must have been champing at the bit for their 15 minutes before they even bought the tickets.


Depends on each person whether to continue working, they probably meant work not necessarily their current job. You can only buy or go on vacations so much. They're small town folk, seems nice enough, they just need good advisers. That lawyer has an agenda.

One of the smartest winners I've seen was the guy who as far as I know is second only to Gloria M from FL in terms of prize amount.  It's like 420M single jp. He lined up his advisers including a publicity consultant before claiming. He abbreviated his first name and used his second name, hid his face with the big check for photos. Does anybody talk about him? Second largest single jackpot? At least before this one. He probably can still live in his old house and his neighbors won't have a clue.

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During the interview wasn't the lawyers daughter the one who made the arrangements with The Today Show?  So since she assisted her daddy then I'm guessing that her dad asked her to be on TV and/or the Robinson's asked her. Dunno what the real issue is with the lawyer's daughter being on TV. If anything it just emphasizes just how stupid their attorney is for even putting these seemingly nice small town family on National TV which is the dumbest move ever.

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Maybe that is Your reason for playing. Not everyone shares that mindset. The more normal the routine the less likely any glitches in poor investments. If they are like some good folks I know, they consider there skills worth something in a community way. Helping others can be healthy. But I disgress, I forget that some ppl prefer not making a difference thru their skills. A Carpenter or Doctor may well stay in their skilled trade. 

They are wise folks . Transparency by coming forward. Saves on being paranoid and wearing disguises.

May this couple live and work how they please.

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