$1.5 BILLION: Wednesday Powerball record jackpot still rising


This money will be won by me in Scottsdale Arizona 

I will make history!!! ????????????????????????????

this thread will be on the news and the bonus ball will be 5


1.5 billion!


Can someone who knows about "poisson distributions" and other such esoteric topics update us neophites on the odds of a rollover, the odds of someone winning, how many combinations have been sold, etc. 


What will be the jackpot Sat. if no body wins Wednesday?


PS my apologies if a similar post has been made recently. I just don't have the resources to read hundreds of posts.


I love it!!!


Me too!



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This thing is going to PLUTO! It may it $1.7B by draw time. We may see a cash value at/over a billion!

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WinkPB odds went from1 in 175,223,510

to1 in 292,201,338

or 66% higher which is why the jackpot has gone to Pluto.Patriot




This is awesome. I thought it was gonna be won a week ago, but I was wrong. Wow. I am excited to see what this will do to the psychology of lottery players. It has been that JPs don't start really moving until $100 + million. Now that we have seen the "B" word,  seen JPs jump $100 million in a day, and seen what 1 in 292 million REALLY means, when will people really start playing now? That $15 mil. MM jackpot looks pretty sad next to 999 on the billboard near my house (though $15 mil. is a LOT of money!).

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One Ticket 

One Winner 


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I think Mega will soon set their odds at some where around 1 in 310-320 million. We've already seen that 1 in 292 million is winnable.


Amazing. Party

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What with the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday available for the purchasing of tickets you've got to expect this JP to climb a bit more if not a lot more.  The insane thing is that the jackpot rose $427.7M from Wednesday to Saturday and already with the projection of a $1.5Billion JP is a rise of $550.2M so the JP projected climb is already $122.5M more than the last time around.


Of course we all know it's winnable because the new odds were in effect beginning October 7, 2015 and someone won 9 drawings later November 4, 2015 taking down a $144.1M JP.

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I just got back from making them need to raise it again before the draw.

I'm ready!

And where are all these lines? I've made over a dozen separate Powerball purchases over the past week and have not stood behind another individual a single time. I cannot imagine having to stand in line for over four hours to buy lottery tickets. I can, however, think of lots of ways to spend all this money.

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I think it depends on where you live. Here in NYC there aren't many lines other than the ones that are created when these daily draw players want to recite 20+ combinations to the clerk for Win 3 and Win 4 games. There are so many retailers in NYC as many as 4 per block sometimes but I have seen lines out the door on TV.

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Ahhh. Thank you. One more reason not to live in NYC. LOL

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Walt Hickey at FiveThirtyEight ran a couple of models. One, similar to yours, has 554m tickets sold and an 85% chance of at least one winner. The other has 1.2b sold and a 98% chance of at least one winner. According to the lower model, there's a natural ceiling at about 600m tickets sold -- there's only so many people willing to put money into the lottery no matter how big it gets. But there's so little data on jackpots this size, who knows?

He says it's not a good bet, though, because his expected value model includes federal taxes. Return of $1.32 on a $2 ticket.


It might approach 2 billion. The winner of this jackpot is not going to be just one person, but several. It's too big for one person to win. I would like to be one of the severalLOL


People out here buying $800 worth of tickets at a time my God.

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You can certainly tell everyone is 'getting in the act'. I saw a guy today looking at the play slips and then he asked the clerk, "Which one is Powerball?"

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       That Shaft is one bad motha. . .


         I'm just talking about the Shaft.. . . .

We can dig it.

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That's complete insanity.

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Yup. When it was it was 900mill i could name 15 people that wouldn't play. Now that's down to 3.

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Human Nature!

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Funny how so many only focus on the potentially negative and taxes, even though the chances of of things happening is minuscule. Not to mention you should already have more money than you will ever need after  a year and on anyway unless you are a complete idiot.  Chances are you will get every payment as it is shown with a 5% increase every year. I don't give a crap about the taxes, I am thinking about how much money I will have after them regardless of what method I take. The PB is not going to go bankrupt, look how much money it makes and how long it has been going on. So this kind of obsessive negative thinking is totally necessary. People are more worried about the taxes than the HUGE principle left. The amount is just so high that it is warping people's minds. But most likely everything will be fine, REALLY fine.

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That is Powerball!!!

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You know I have never been afraid of a lottery jackpot before, but this one scares me...and I like it.  Eek

Variation to a quote from Under Siege 2 LOL

Penn: [to Sarah Ryback] You know I have never been afraid of anybody. But that uncle of yours scares me... and I like it.

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Couldn't be any better written.  Folks need to think of the positives.  Taxes are inevitable no matter what, so get over it.  Do you complain about the work taxes?  I never do.


Mea Culpa with Powerball since I commented long ago that it takes too long with the new matrix for the jackpots to climb.  Clearly I was wrong.

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Yeah that is the greed factor of most, the higher it gets the more people want. They sit on here all day and night arguing how to avoid taxes and how horrible it i will be to win. I think about it what an opportunity of a lifetime I will have, and how much money I will have after taxes that I still will never spend. If they are that worried about it and paying taxes they should not even bother playing. Yet we know they are. With that much money taxes and investing is a non-issue as you should never come close to spending the principle even unless you REALLY mess up. As an avid studier of the law of attraction for a very long time now, I focus on the positives and the great things that kind of money will do for me. If you focus on nothing but fear, hardships, taxes etc chances are you will attract all those issues even more so. You may not even win at all then because in your mind you don't really want to anyway because of your preconceived notions. You don't know what will happen until you experience it, and if you are smart and careful you should be very happy for a very long time.

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At work in the ever sad Pediatric ICU I chuckle @ how many don't have a clue about the lottery, so have to educate the ones who never played.  Some many questions.  Simplest reply is to go the clerk and say quick pick Powerball with Powerplay and they still don't get it.  Not one of them gripe about the taxes and no negative comments at all.

I tell them all I want is five #'s with Powerplay and I'm out of there.  Been working @ something since 4th grade, retired from the Army 18 years ago and been a Respiratory Therapist @ PICU for just over 18 years.  I said no more ventilators, child abuse, kids dying, parents lying for me. 


We are in dire need in a new PICU since we've outgrown this one and the Attendings will say 'when you win the lottery, you can build us a new PICU.'  I chuckle @ them. 


Anyhow, negative comments and feelings about the lottery and taxes will only flourish into more negativity, smile and thank whomever/whatever you believe in that you are alive another day.

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