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Like I said in the other post we have all been wanting this for years..... It's a perfect storm


Now you are really going to see ticket sales explode. Going to be at least $1.5 billion by drawing.

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I think the only words to describe this would be HOLY CRAP!

It only took odds of 1 in 292M to make it.

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I had 2 tickets in this draw, any more than that and would have felt foolish.

Well, I will raise the limit to 10 for the next draw. And I am very confident that there will be one or more winners.



What were the odds of being no winner tonight? does anyone know?

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I wonder what they're going to do on the billboards because they only have three digits, for the millions.... Lol

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Wow...just Wow...Can't believe it.

In response to Deeyar948

about 20%


Wow so all those sales and not all combinations were covered. Shows you how absurd the odds to win are.

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yup about $900M in sales as well the next few days will be absolutely insane

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Have mercy, that's a lotta money!


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LOL, Lottery Post was not built to handle jackpots greater than $1 billion.  It's showing up as $1300 million.  Guess I have some work to do! LOL

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EekEekEek Thats a LOT a dough, OMG!!!!

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In response to ecnirP

I'm with you on that, bunch of naysayers.  I tone it out.  The media should run a quick story on how many people won any USA lottery in say last five years.


Speaking of jackpot reset. $40 million is $0.04 Billion. Further illustrates how much bigger this jackpot is compared to the base amount. And yet, as you say, the odds of winning are exactly the same either way though this jackpot is upwards of 35 times more. If anything, this is the best time to play - more value for the money.

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By the time they keep upping the ante for this drawing, the cash payout (money in your bank account) - even after taxes - will be larger than any previous posted award of a jackpot in history. Now that's something. Something nice.

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  Does anybody know this answer . If you play in one state , other then the state you live in and if you win , do you pay taxes in both states ?



The lines at some of these stores are unreal .

In response to bigboy90000

And very unnecessary. There is no need to go to the same store to buy your tickets . Also I saw something very disappointing. Long lines of students in college towns lining up for the PB. I guess they were never serious about getting a career?

In response to brees2012

Possibly. However, many states have reciprocal agreements so one won't pay more than the highest rate of either state. In general, it's best to play in one's home state. An exception to that would be one seeking to remain anonymous and play in a state, such as, Delaware. On a related note, a winning ticket must be claimed in the jurisdiction it was sold in.

In response to Arrowhead

That matches my reasoning fairly well. Add in the fact that I do expect to live at least 30 more years (given my age and family history, 60 more years is entirely possible), and I'm also leaning toward the annuity.

In response to jacintasc

LMAO if they can afford to buy tickets let them. I'm sure they also sometimes have a drink.


the main Powerball site has crashed

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Can someone clear something up about taxes?  If you take the lump sum, they take out 25% then give you the check no?  What about the 39.6%? Do you owe that next year?

If you take the annuity, if the fed interest skyrockets, do they up your checks to make up for the difference?

Also, in the unlikely event the lottery (pb for example) goes bankrupt in 5 years, and you won this year and opted for the annuity, what happens to your future checks?

Lastly, if more than one winner wins and one opts for annuity while the other chooses lump sum, what figure do they split?


It's 1.4 billion now Cash price $868 million New Update

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In response to scarchelli

They take out the 25% upfront you owe the 14% at the end of the year and Powerball cant go bankrupt they invest the money in bonds for the annuities

In response to Murgatroyd

Why wouldn't you just take the lump sum and then put the money somewhere where you'll be getting your own annuity every year on top of the lump sum?

Let's say you put 400 million of the 572m away and only live on the returns from that(plus the additional 172m in cash). How much would you be getting a year from returns?

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In response to Ron5995


 I'll be taking a trip to Delaware tomorrow.

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