Lottery scam with a twist hitting Central Texas

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Heck, no...I couldn't even get her to go out with me.

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I guess some people really believe the IRS has an office in Jamaica Green laugh

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             CrAzY Humans

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Wow, I had something similar to that happen to me last month. I received a call from someone with a Washington, D.C. number stating they  were from the U.S. Treasury and I had been awarded a $8,000 grant to do whatever I wanted to do with as long as it wasn't for illegal activities or gambling. I was given a 6 digit number and instructed to call another number for details on how to claim my grant. When I called the other number I was told the same thing and that the money was tax free and I didn't have to claim it on my taxes. That was my first red flag but I continued on. I asked why did I receive this grant and was told because I was a loyal U.S. citizen and paid my taxes loyally and on time. That was another red flag because I haven't done my taxes for last year, lol. I continued on listening and was told those key words that lets you know it's a fake........ To claim your grant(reward) just send $250 for processing and local taxes. I hung up on him then. It sounds like the same scheme they used there just changed organization.

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In response to KyMystikal

I'd probably die laughing if someone tried that on me seeing that I live south of DC


I cant believe people are so gullible.  The lotteries say all the time you dont have to send any money to collect on prizes.  Why do people think they must do it without investigation to see whats exactly going on.  Its beyond me.

I would laugh to if they call me and said i won on PCH.  I absolutly refuse to enter anything on PCH.  I did try and sign up one time from the ads here on lottery post....  I was blasted with email after email....I kept trying to unsubscribe but no luck, they kept sending them....took over 30 days to get it stopped.  So no more clearing house for me.

In response to atoz

I Agree! are so right, no PCH for me, their pesky ads almost drove me bananas.


Hmmm... Kind of reminds me of the annoying ads right here on lottery post.  "YOU ARE A WINNER!  THIS IS NO JOKE!" .  I can't believe the Post allows such advertisement, but then there is that greed factor aforementioned... seems nothing is sacred.

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Reminds me of the movie Matchstick Men. They don't steal money, they're given money willingly

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I am getting emails 10 times a day from scammers,my replay is  .......I dont understand.or Im rich enough you can keep the money.I love telling them off.

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One simple rule: You should NEVER have to pay one single cent for anything you have won or that is advertised as free. If anyone says you have won something or says it is free, and you have to pay even one cent, then there is a 100% chance it is a scam.

While we are on the subject of scams, the second rule is: Treat ALL unsolicited emails and phone calls as scams.

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You would think that with all the news about lottery scams people would know you don't have to pay to collect a prize you won.  This is not new.

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In response to Todd

'But, the Keilbergs still got in their car and headed to Wal-Mart. The caller said all they had to do was fill out a MoneyGram and wire $200 to a Jamaican address to pay for taxes on their prize.

Once they wired the money, the caller told the Keilbergs the prize patrol van would show up at their front door.

Before they did, the Keilberg's called the real Publishers Clearing House, which confirmed the calls were a scam.'



Did they really need to be told it was a scam? What have they got between their ears?

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I Agree!


"You can't cheat an honest man!"

~W.C. Fields


Eddessa_Knight  Sun Smiley

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In response to Todd

This is why state lotteries should make it easier for people to play legitimate lotteries. It would also raise additional revenue for the states.

In response to KyMystikal

did you let the authorities know about it?

In response to Todd

But, the Keilbergs still got in their car and headed to Wal-Mart. The caller said all they had to do was fill out a MoneyGram and wire $200 to a Jamaican address to pay for taxes on their prize.

"Congratulations, you won a car and send us $200 to pay for taxes."  With a 6% sales tax, that's about a $3500 value car. And people fall for this?

In response to myturn

Easier to play???

Players can purchase tickets at a gas pump in some states.

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This Jamaican lottery scam has been going on for several years. You'd think everybody would be aware of it by now. 

Like P.T. Barnum used to say - "There's a sucker born every minute."

Another old saying that comes to mind is - "A fool and his/her money are soon parted."


Have you tried blocking them without opening the emails?  Many viruses jump onto those e-mails!

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PEOPLE need to stop the madness, PCH surprise you whenever you win, they never calls, so you know that is a scam,

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In response to KyMystikal

To claim your grant(reward) just send $250 for processing and local taxes.

I'll never understand why people don't ask themselves, Why can't they just withhold that money from my winnings/reward?

I mean, if I went to the TLC on Wednesday with the winning MM ticket they wouldn't tell me to give them a couple million in taxes first. No, they take that out of what they'd give me.

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In response to ttech10

Who would I notify?

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Perhaps, Scratch$, you don't understand the magnitude of how many people [aged 50-90] are contracting one of the 100 types of Dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's) around the world!  Once one has contracted the big D, it doesn't have a track record of going away; rather affecting additional sections of the brain.  What does go away -- within a few years -- are the diseased person's friends and acquaintances (and what level of commonsense they possess) ... because most folks with Dementia get verbally mean to EVERY BODY around them.


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"What have they got between their ears?"

Jerk chicken?


Good point! I hadn't thought about it from that angle.

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In response to KyMystikal

Like to report them? I'd probably send the phone number(s) (and what the scam was about) to the FBI and FTC, both seem to claim they want that type of info.

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In response to HaveABall

Funny how people with dementia are usually paranoid and suspicious, and yet not a single one of these elderly people who fall for a lottery scam have had their suspicions aroused. So yeah, I'm not going to rely on the "those poor elderly people got swindled" fall back line. In their haste to get at the big bucks, they put away common sense and jumped in feet first. Being scammed isn't an age issue, race issue, or class issue. It's a greed issue. And that's why it works on so many people across so many societal lines.

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In response to Teddi

Well, Teddi, okey-dokey to going with what pulls you the most.  Certainly, though, increased greed/selfishness are also common from early stages of the Dementia disease.

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