$450 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot nears record

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well things just got interesting


A lot of lives will be changed by this, hopefully, a lot of good will be done. I suspect it will reach $475,000,000 by Wednesday..........


i cant believe nobodies nnumbers matched. i had two in a row and off two numbers by one each. today il buy 3 tickets and two mega millions. doesnt matter what the jackpot is(: 

how many tickets are you going to buy? so many people are going play im just putting 6 dollars

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$450 million Woo Hoo  Banana White Bounce Dance


PartyWhite BounceDanceHyperBananaParty




Dang, when I finally went to bed last night, it was some winner in Brooklyn NY.


Come on Powerball! Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


Let's not forget Puerto Rico is in the mix now too, good luck everyone!!

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oh man, had all the six numbers but on different tickets!!! Puke


so close!! cant believe no one won it


The Jackpot analysis is really COOL!!! I already knew that Maryland was crazy in taxes from the people I know/work with but this chart PROVES it

If I hit in Delaware my cash prize is - $228,075,000 due to no state taxes on it!

Maryland appears to be tied with NY for the LOWEST - $ 201,466,250

so 28 mil more for me!! LOL! Green laugh


I can see the coffers from Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah leaving to border states to play the lottery.  Didn't include the other two holdouts for obvious reasons...where could Hawaiian or Alaskan residents drive to?  lol

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

Must be nice not to have State taxes taken out of the lottery win. With the extra $28 million left over, I'd go out and purchase my first starter house for $28Million ! LO L


J/K (Maybe). Big Smile


I'd like to think I would stay within $500,000-$2M max range at tops when I win. But I am sure I will exceed that easily with more than $200M in the bank.  :)


11 millionaires were created this draw. What more can you ask for?. Maybe 20 millionaires next draw, including me as one of the winners. Let the fun begin!!!. Guitar

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One of the 5 out of 5 winners came from a quick pick of a store right down the road that I use to go to all the time before starting to play the lotto. I guess I need to start going there and tap into that luck well =D

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In response to Piaceri

Green laughlooks like someone got into Miss Annie's cat nipp stash again

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

DE..... Don't to forget the tax taxes taken(25%) out are not the taxes you will owe in full. If the $304 million cash offer is taken, your Fed income tax rate is at 39.6%. That will leave you around $183 Mil & change if you live in a non income tax state(like TX). Course, you get to take any deductions to offset it...
Still not a bad haul on a $2 investment !!!

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Its amazing that players put in an adittional  almost 60mil. $ (394.5 to 450mil) but  only 12mil out of the aditional 60mil  which is about 10%  made a real difference to only 112people total !! 12 got about 1mil each and 100 got 10grand each.

so this draw millions have played and only 112of them  won something significant.that's about 0.0005%winners of 10grand+5/0 match  for this draw if we put 5million players !!

the rest of them got fooled again  like me Wink,

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In response to jack27

Sounds like you've been couped up too long in that box of yours....Jack.

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@jack27, this is true for the simple fact that those who can least afford to gamble/play the lottery are those that spend the most.  I'm not rich, or particularly what I would call well-off so, I only buy ONE ticket (usually with power-up option) per drawing when the jackpot gets BIG.  I can comfortably afford to lose (in probability) my $2-3 per ticket.  I do not, however, spend my whole paycheck or even a large(r) portion on the lottery.  That way lies madness.

I, like many, have a child to put through college somehow, not to mention I would like to be able to retire and not have to work well into my 70s-80s and beyond.  The lottery is just a fun 'what-if' for me - not a hope, necessity or habit.  Take care of your family & future first before spending money you may not have to spend, on what is essentially a pipe-dream for everyone but the winner.

Not preaching - everyone is individual and will do as they see fit.  Good luck to all of you and God bless each and everyone.

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In response to Igamble

Sounds like you've been playing a long time and not winning big so how could you have been fooled again?  Did you expect this time to be different? Unhappy

I'm in the same boat but the only thing that would surprise me is that I win a nice prize. Wink

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Todd, what's your plan Thursday morning when you realize you have the only winning ticket?

  1. Lump sum or annuity?
  2. Who are you hiring? Lawyers, financial advisors, rabbi, judo coach?
  3. If your state doesn't allow anonymity, do you send a hired gun to collect or are you giving a press conference?
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Pro Tip:

Buy your ticket(s) early. This 450 million jackpot is going to attract long lines at lottery retailers. There probably won't be too many people buying tickets today or tomorrow.

In response to Theox-

yeah get to the store early, you don't want to end up like this guy

"Canadian man loses $27 million lottery jackpot by 7 seconds"


Let it roll, $600,000,000.00 is the number it will roll too.......Smile

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My birthday is on the 11th of February so instead of a birthday bash I'm thinking of a lotto bash.

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It's best to make that a way-belated birthday bash, majestic1070, as it could take 45 days to receive the electronic transfer into your checking account, after you've officially claimed the win!


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My husband and I are spending the weekend in Kentucky next weekend,cant wait to play the Lottery.So excited.Wish us luck in another state....

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In response to Theox-

Don't have to worry about that in my area, they is a lottery retailer for every 1500-2000 players.  Not like before PB was sold locally and I have to travel over the state line to buy a ticket.  Last night I bought my tickets about 9:50PM, ten minutes before cut-off time and I was the old customer at the drive-thur.

In response to RJOh

"I was the old customer at the drive-thur."

Don't sell your self short, RJ. You're that old. Smile

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In response to jack27

WHEN you can explain how some mysterious lottery person can arrange for a rich old lady or old man win,and the lottery is designed to make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, THEN you will have the credibility to make such a statement.

UNTIL such time, you are simply blowing smoke out your a$$.

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In response to dpoly1

Dpoly now THAT is a gorgeous car.  Hmmmmmm may have to add a car to my planned one car and a truck thoughts.  White Bentley, how very pretty.  All it needs is to have a white interior.

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