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Pa. Lottery drawings go on Thursday despite machine malfunctions

Jan 31, 2015, 3:52 pm

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Pennsylvania Lottery

Includes video report

Technical difficulties wreaked havoc with Thursday evening's Pennsylvania Lottery drawings, forcing the Pick 4 and Pick 5 drawings to occur after the telecast ended.

"No one knows exactly what went wrong. We don't have the information right now. The folks who design the machines are coming down to make sure everything runs smoothly tonight," said lottery spokeswoman Lauren Bottaro.

What viewers saw signifying a problem, which Bottaro said is in accordance with lottery's procedure, is the lottery staff official raising her hand indicating a malfunction of some sort that didn't let the balls rise in the ball machines for the Pick 4 and Pick 5 games.

The winning numbers in those games were chosen off air afterward under the supervision of a certified public accountant, lottery security staff and the lottery drawing official, Bottaro said.

The lottery official actually noticed something was wrong at the start of the telecast when the Pick 2 drawing occurred. She could be seen raising her hand although that drawing and the Pick 3 went off without a hitch.

The delay caused by the malfunctions resulted in the telecast to end before the last number "44" in the Match 6 game was called although viewers watching were able to catch a glimpse of the number on that ball.

Although the lottery may have had some bad luck on the Thursday evening with its Pick 4 and Pick 5 drawings, it was a lucky night for 213 players who played those games.

Bottaro said there were 160 winners who won prizes totaling $59,600 in the Pick 4 game and 53 winners who won prizes totaling $19,150 in the Pick 5 game.

However, the lottery official — who the lottery declined to identify "to protect the integrity of the drawings" and avoid putting them in positions where "they become targets of unnecessary public attention," — had to sustain the embarrassment of having a Pittsburgh area viewer record the drawing and then poke fun at her predicament by adding some comedic text inserts and putting it on YouTube.

VIDEO: Watch the drawings

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