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Arizona Lottery retires gold miner logo

Nov 7, 2014, 6:01 pm

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Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Lottery announced the retirement of the logo last week, spokeswoman Karen Bach said.

In its place, the lottery's marketing agency, LaneTerralever, has designed a logo featuring a more contemporary style that conveys the "fun, entertaining nature of the brand," Bach said.

In place of a spry, bearded prospector kicking up his heels with a pick in one hand and a levitating piece of gold in the other, the Arizona Lottery has opted for a more adult-looking logo featuring cursive writing and the outline of a star, she said.

"The color palette is representative of the wide open skies and opportunities in Arizona, both the red and the blue colors give a nod back to the state flag as does our star graphic," Bach said.

The lottery chose the logo based on a year's worth of research talking with retailers, players and lottery staff to better understand who players are and why they are attracted to the brand, she said.

Willie won't be disappearing from lottery tickets in a hurry, however, as most are printed far in advance of their sale to the public, Bach said.

The rollout will begin with the website, electronic billboards and other digital elements. During the next few months, they'll switch out the print billboards, and during the next year, they'll begin to print games featuring the new logo, she said.

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