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10 Pennsylvania co-workers share $2 million Powerball prize

Oct 29, 2014, 12:36 pm

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Maybe there was a glare on the machine, and maybe Stacia Thomas just didn't think it possible.

The Red Lion woman scanned her ticket and stared at the prize line on the Pennsylvania Lottery machine. She thought it listed $2,000, so she asked a clerk at the Sunoco A-Plus Market to read the amount for her.

$2 million. Yes, that really happens.

"'Oh, my God, I gotta go tell the girls!'" Thomas recalled yelling before rushing back across the street to the office at Industrial Distribution Group to tell her nine coworkers they'd finally struck it big.

Over the past 10 years, the female colleagues each chipped in $2 per week to play the Lottery. They'd previously only won enough to buy a special lunch for themselves, but the Powerball ticket Thomas bought for Wednesday's drawing was worth $2 million.

After a 25 percent federal withholding, each of the women will get a lump-sum of $150,000.

The bosses at Industrial Distribution Group joked that they were glad it wasn't a big enough win for all of the colleagues — who work in human resources, accounting, and data processing — to quit their jobs at the same time, the women said.

But $150,000 isn't scratch, and the friends were still in a daze during a news conference and giant check presentation at the Sunoco, 3167 Susquehanna Trail in Conewago Township.

One of the women, expressing disbelief over the weekend, sent Thomas a text. "Oh, my God. You know, we won the lottery the other day."

Susan Cunningham of Dover said the only thing she has decided to do with the money so far is give a portion to Tri-Town Boys Club.

Darlene Kroh of York said she wants to remodel her kitchen and bathroom. Then, she'll train some people so she can retire.

Maggie Blouse of York said she wants to pay off her house.

But many of the other winning colleagues — Susan Luman of Dallastown, Vickie Enterline of Mechanicsburg, Stephanie Groff of York, Prima Anthony of York, Michelle Cunningham of York, and Christine Hivner of South Carolina — stood shyly behind the other women to avoid the attention.

Cunningham said the unsolicited advice has already started, and it usually begins with the sentence, "It's not me to give advice, but..."

The win is York County's third big prize in three months. Jean Becker of Seven Valleys won $800,000 in a Cash 5 ticket in August, and Robert Boyd of York won $1 million in Mega Millions drawing in September.

The winning ticket from the group of IDG coworkers correctly matched all five white balls drawn, 29-30-40-42-50, but not the red Powerball 16, and added Power Play, which boosted the prize to $2 million, less 25 percent federal withholding.

Without purchasing the $1 Power Play option, this winning ticket would have been worth $1 million.

The odds of matching all five numbers is 1 in 5.1 million, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The retailer will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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