Newest Pa. lottery scratch-off sports $30 pricetag

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I wouldn't buy a $20 ticket so buying a $30 ticket isn't even a possibility.

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Whats the name of the Game?.........Greed

Players are receptive to the price?, guess again

No game comes out that the House doesnt win / win back

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I will rush out and not buy one of these


this clown miller is proud of the fact that they have eschewed 1 billion dollars in each of the last 2 years from their sales. good luck pa residents trying to beat those odds. boycott.

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In response to faber98

Same for Texas. I don't begrudge them that. Lotteries are in business to make money for the state. Thay make that very clear. Now if they tried to hide that fact I would find that offensive.

Personally, I rarely play scratch offs of any price, but the fact is scratch off tics outsell online games, at least here in Texas. People like the instant gratification. I prefer the anticipation of the upcoming draw.

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Crazy @ $30 scratcher

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30 bucks is a heck of a whack, I dunno if I would spend that much!Crying

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Here's a $20.00 scratch off we have in TX. I am liking this one a bit better than what PA is offering for $30.00

Game No. 1387 - $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast
Image of Front of $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast Ticket
Image of Back of $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast Ticket
$20 Dollar Game
Game Features

  • Over $513.1 million in prizes in this game!
  • 50 cash prizes from $1,000,000 to $2,500,000!
  • Over 1,000,000 prizes from $100 to $500!
  • Win up to 20 times!
  • Pack Size: 25 tickets
  • Guaranteed Total Prize Amount = $170 per pack
Prizes Printed
AmountNo. in

( Scratch-Off Prizes Claimed of February 1, 2014 

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A $30 scratch-off ticket- no way. I would rather purchase 15 Powerball lottery tickets at $2.00 each for that $30 than that one $30 scratch-off. The Powerball game is more exciting, getting that chance of winning several hundred million. If your going to dream big, go Powerball!

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PA used to offer $25 scratch-offs a few years ago.  They didn't go over too well, so they stopped offering them.  So if they tried a cheaper ticket, and it didn't work, what makes them think that people will do spend more?

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In response to larry3100

 I Agree!  Also if someone from PA could take that $30 and buy 15 lines of MM each with Megaplier and cover all megaball numbers (1-15) they are guaranteed to win something. Imagine spending $30 and coming out with nothing Chair

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Here is the Illinois lottery $30 scratcher:

Overall Odds: 2.43 to 1

Game Highlights

Highest top prize on an instant ticket.

Win Up To 30 Times.

Over $328 Million in prizes.

Category: Money
Launch Date: September 3, 2013
Expiration Date: TBD


In comparison to the PA one $30,000 a week for 30 years is one heck of a prize.

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I can't bring myself to spend $5 on a scratchoff.

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In response to larry3100

Interesting scenario. Buying 15 PB tickets gives you roughly 38% chance of winning anything. Buy one of these these PA tickets gives you roughly 37% chance of winning anything. PB sounds better right? Sure, until you look at chances of at least making your money back......

PB prize >= $30, Odds are 1 in 491.4

PA prize >= $30, Odds are 1 in 2.7

Since the PB "breakeven" prize for $30 would have to be $100, let's be fair and divide its odds by 3.33. That makes it 1 in 147.6, still worse than PA. This, of course, is a rough estimation. If you wanted to be more fair you could use the net prize values.

Winning something might seem better than possibly winning nothing, but over repeated trials it can actually be worse (same principal as buying tickets in one draw versus multiple draws). In general you will win more often with better overall odds. The odds of PB are over 10x worse than PA here.

Personally, I buy the tickets with the best odds, regardless of price. The amount wagered is higher but in the end my return is the same or better. In 2013, I purchased 15 tickets $20 or higher with 7 losers and 8 winners. My total payback was 80%. I purchased 28 tickets $10 and under, and there were 15 losers and 13 winners. My payback for that category was only 58%. That includes 2 free tickets which were both winners.

So not only did I win more with higher $$$ tickets (as I should since they cost more! Evil Smile), I won more often.

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