Tickets for updated Mega Millions game on sale Saturday

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l love this changes to mega millions and i think both powerball and mega millions combined will definitly keep america excited two thumps up for mega millions.BananaBanana

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I was originally bummed about the changes and was planning to stop buying tickets until I realized the 2nd prize could be multiplied up to $5 million with the megaplier.  1 in 18.5 million odds for a 2-5 million dollar payout on two dollar bet is not great but not bad either.  I probably won't give them as much play as I did before but I will probably buy at least 1 ticket per draw.

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Ohio"s web site says you can't buy tickets until Sunday


When do the new changes to Mega Millions take effect?
Beginning October 20, 2013, players can select five Mega Millions numbers from 1 to 75 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 15.  The first drawing will be held on October 22, 2013.

Will the ticket cost more?
No, a Mega Millions ticket still cost just a $1.  Add another $1 for Megaplier.

When was the last date to place a 10 wager multi-draw wager?
The last multi-draw wager for a 10 wager bet was September 17, 2013.  If you purchase a multi-draw ticket between September 18 and October 18, 2013 the number of available draws will decrease.

When is the last Mega Million’s drawing before the changes take place?
The last Mega Million’s drawing will be Friday October 18, 2013. Sales for the new matrix will begin on Sunday October 20, 2013.

Can I cancel a Mega Millions wager?
No, Mega Millions wagers cannot be cancelled.

Will there be new bet cards available?
Yes, look for the new, easy to read bet cards at your local Lottery retailer after October 20, 2013.

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In response to rustysmom

I doubt Ohio will refuse to sell you Mega Millions tickets on Saturday -- unless they need to take an extra day to update their lottery terminals.  They probably just posted the wrong date.

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Prior to this it was said the 5 + 1 games paid 12 to 15 jackpots a year.

I don't think that will happen wirh MM anymore with a 75 number upper matrix.

Going for 5 + 0 might be the best shot, if your state lotery jackpot in less than $5,000,000.

MM 5 + 0  1 in 18,492,204

IL Lotto JP 1 in 20, 358, 520. 6/52 game.

Of course with MM you might catch 5 + 1, but for the millions who never did it with a 56 number grid what makes them think they'll do it with a 75 number grid.

The lotteries are just as greedy as the players.

Someboy make an Over / Under on the number of MM jackpots per year once the new matrix starts.


Mega millions will hit 1 billion  by Dec no one will hit for a longtime !!!


They just lost me as a customer.I only play powerball when it reaches $100 million and above.

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They put the new playslips out today.

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We shouldn't play Mega Million starting Tuesday to make them change the game for the people.

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I love it when people say they won't play till the jackpot is over 100 million, I definately need a new career. Though I do play a limited amount, I just do better, no matter what the jackpot is. I've been foutunate to break even and did get 4 in the mega millions once. Though I'll probably pull from the mega millions two picks and put them towards the NY Take 5 of which I do better and had to take away from when the Powerball increased to two dollars. And watch how the numbers start rolling in. That is probably the only thing so far I like, that it stayed at one dollar.


I won't play this now>> until it gets to>> One Billion>> Smack-a-Roos

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I will play both MM and PB because I'm so bloody desperate. Razz


I love how the lotteries when making the game much, much, much, much worse always announce that they're making it better.

If they weren't the government, we could sue them for fraud.


I noticed the cash value of Megamillions is significantly lower than it used to be (from about 68 percent down to 55!), matching similarly with Powerball's cash value, after this night's draw. Is that because Megamillions has switched to a 30 year annuity? Is USAMega going to reflect these changes in due time?

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Get ready for a billion dollar Xmas jackpot y'all.

In response to Todd

quantam sublimal tape to win at lottery on amazon over 96 million winners so far so to answer all of the other folks on the forum YES I WOULD PURCHASE IT Smash

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I will be playing my state lottery games with better odds and less players.

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In response to Romancandle

Hey Roman, I noticed that large increase but I also noticed the small increase in the cash value: from $25.2M to $30.4M. So it jumped $18M in annuity and only $5.2M in cash value. Is that unusual or normal?

In response to Romancandle

Actually, the cash value hasn't jumped much.  The only reason the advertised jackpot went up is because, like Powerball, Mega Millions switched to a graduated annuity, so they can boast a higher advertised jackpot for the same TRUE cash available.  In fact, Mega Millions can even boast a higher annuity than Powerball, because Mega Millions pays 30 annual payments increasing by 5% each year, while Powerball pays 30 annual payments increasing by only 4% each year.  Personally, I think they should have increased the opening jackpot to $20 MILLION since they did that trick, instead of just $15 million.

In response to ronboy60

SpamSpam-a-la-ma-ding-dongOogle Chair

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In response to golfer1960

lol golfer when I say C(75,5) it means N choose K, or 75 choose many ways (combinations) of 5 out of 75. It's part of how the odds are figured.

You can see how they are calculated yourself here:

Just click on the "Show/Hide" for each tier and it will explain the math.

The new Megaplier has six 5’s, three 4's, four 3's and two number 2's.

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Just so everyone is aware, the Mega Millions info on Lottery Post's pages has been updated with the new changes.  So that means the statistics, Quick Picks Generator, Words and Phrases to Lottery Numbers, etc., have all been updated.

Unfortunately, we are in that transition period where the statistics won't have great meaning until at least a month or two passes.  But if you visit the stats page, it will be accurate -- just not extremely useful yet.

The info at USA Mega will be updated later this weekend, probably Sunday.

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In response to Todd

I tried buying  an advanced draw ticket today and the machine would not accept it. They offered to sell me one for one draw and I declined. I'll just wait until tomorrow.

In response to wizeguy

I successfully purchased by Mega tickets this after arguing with the manager that the old numbers running up to 56 were not valid. The assistant manager who was on fortunately on hand at the same time requested me to try the old tickets to see if they were still valid. As expected they were invalid and they had to open new boxes for the new tickets. The same thing happened here in Arizona when the Megamillions was introduced in 2010, the managers and supervisors did not have a clue as to what was going on. I had previously e-mailed the state lottery office to tell retailers in advance when the changes would take place, though at times I think some of these managers and supervisors are goats and sheep despite having been foretold of these changes well in advance.

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In response to golfer1960

I Agree! I will also continue to play both.

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I'm going to do what I said I was going to do when the changes were announced.

I'm going to send a playslip and $2 (as I always played the Megaplier) to the MUSL and say, "Considering your new game format I'll skip the formality of playing a ticket and here's your $2."


For anyone else who wants to do that here's the address:

Multi-State Lottery Association
4400 N.W. Urbandale Drive
Urbandale, Iowa 50322

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I am still shackled to the game until the end of the year when my subscription ends. After that I am gonna accept defeat and find another game that I think I can win in my lifetime. Mass Cash 5/35 & Megabucks Doubler 6/49 are on my radars.

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Well Well Coin Toss- l finally found out that the Zeta Reticuli Star System is in Iowa. To think l was focusing in on something 200 light years beyond the Persus Galaxy Cluster formation.



PB with a current jackpot of $216M Vs MM's  $55M,  is gonna end up, stealing the thunder away from MM, and raining on MM's parade. Sad

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